I am so passionate about how important it is to be connected to the feminine side within. To actually realise that we are beautiful and to be connected to that feeling and thought everyday really makes you shine. We all have a beautiful feminine woman in side us, for some she is hiding, so scared to come out or she has just been shoved to the side with a busy life of tight schedules, or small budgets or due to a stressful job or a hectic family, in all these situations we often lose this connection.

The hair gets tied back all the time; pants and flat shoes become the daily uniform. The heels in your closet start to get dusty or even worse moldy, you are thinking of putting your dresses on Ebay as they are just taking up space in the closet. Your beauty routine becomes tinted moisturiser on a good day. Or maybe you are getting older and you are just not sure what style to go for now and feel how you did your makeup in your 20’s doesn’t suit you any more. There are many ways you can loose this connection and from there it is possible to move into the “I don’t care anymore, I can’t be bothered” phase or god forbid the “I stopped doing that years ago” phase…(emoticon scary face)

Does it sound familiar?

Well I can say I have been there and honestly it is a really plain, un-fun place to be. I used to be a professional dancer and when I stopped, everything was not as fun anymore. The bright stage lights went out, it was like the feathers and sequins were missing from my life and the sparkle went from my soul. I felt ugly and plain and boring on the inside and boy how it showed on the outside. I lost quite a few years to the “I don’t care anymore, I can’t be bothered” phase and before I knew it I had taken up front row seats in the “I stopped doing that years ago” show. I wore pants everyday, loose man shirts always buttoned right to the top so no one would guess there was a girl underneath, I always dodged social events so I didn’t have to get dressed up! I stopped allowing my self to be beautiful and so I stopped being and feeling beautiful. I remember people asking me all the time if I was OK, and if there was something wrong. I must have looked terrible!

The good news is you can get your girly back!

Please stop for a moment and try to remember how good you felt the last time you wore a dress or got your nails done or wore makeup and beautifully styled your hair, went clothes shopping with your girl friends, tried on a few outfits and had a laugh, heck even brought something new!!! Yes it feels good, did you feel pretty, confident, sexy, beautiful, womanly, strong, gorgeous creature, and don’t those words sound yummy?

To be more beautiful you have to be beautiful to yourself first. So go on I invite you to give it a go, let those yummy words be how you describe yourself everyday, allow yourself to be the strong confident woman you have always wanted to be, free yourself and shine bright. Start with a little self pamper session, take a bath or buy some nice flowers for yourself or a beautiful organic body lotion, rock a coloured lip or treat yourself to a new little somethin somethin. Notice how it adds a little twinkle to your day and a pep to your step. Let me know what you tried beauty and if it made you feel amazing!

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Published by Chrissy Davies