Since I've become more spiritual and in tuned with my inner self, I try to steer away from the color of my skin. When someone tries to put me in a category, I'm quick to take myself out of it. One of my philosophies is to accept that all of human kind exist beyond one's skin color. No matter how much I believe this, I'm still looked upon as a black woman in America. This isn't just with Whites or any other race, this is the same among black culture. 

The first time I've ever experienced racism was in Nevada (both Henderson and Las Vegas). It amazed me how whites would be so disrespectful in a distance by flying bottles out of their cars purposely trying to hit us. I've encountered a ranting drive by coming home from work after midnight while being called a nigger, bitch and whore as they were speeding down the street. Plus experiencing hateful demanding comments while still wanting beauty services performed by me when I worked in a predominate white salon. In the first two situations I felt powerless, but in the salon, I put my foot down. If I would have lost my job, because of a racist, the job would not have been worth it. Luckily, I didn't leave on those terms. These are just a few of several situations I've faced being a Black Woman in Nevada.

I remember seeing officers harassing a black couple who were walking down the street. They were pulled over and instantly put in handcuffs. The woman was crying sitting on the curb asking the officers what did she do wrong. It was sad to live it while seeing others targeted, because of their beautiful brown skin.

I've experienced this kind of behavior with random citizens in many places. My character is far from anything to where I seek attention or even hate others. I love all people! For the most part, I'm low key and laid back. So why would some people be so cruel and stereotype based on my extremely curly hair and brown skin? We're all different right?

If you dislike someone, it should fall deeper than the outer layer of that person's skin. That human being has energy, a spirit that lives deep within them. The human body is simply a tool that is used to operate in this world. Racism will exist as long as certain boundaries are set for now. However, there are many ways to promote love and intelligence by celebrating all lives. 


Published by Nisha Bee