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As this post is my very first one on my trending stories, forgive me for any errors.


I was in Grade 9 when the snorty principal of my new school had asked me to get checked for dyslexia. She's not to be blamed, I scored 1 out of 80 in the maths entrance test.

6 months post my familiarity with dyscalculia and tons of googling, my fear was confirmed. I was dyscalculic and I had gotten a permanent fear of feeling like an odd one out in the class.


Dyslexia is a mental disorder. The term 'mental disorder' is a bit scary, but believe me, there's nothing to be scared of, really. 4 years after, I've learnt to be quite comfortable with the term. I'm sure being dyslexic has it's own flaws, but you must remember that there's always a way to help yourself more effectively.

With a large population of teens being dyslexic today, the disorder may lead to depression to those  who aren't familiar and may be mocked upon by peers. I myself have been through that phase, and believe me, it doesn't even matter as much anymore! I'm just a teen with a disorder with does not allow me to make great calculations, like the rest, but that does not stop my life (adding the fact that a calculator is readily available on my phone for me!) .

Dyslexia does not stop your life. It never can. Dyslexic people are also successful and make the most of while they can. Don't lose on hope so easily and think that life will suck ahead.


Here are some tips that would help you simplify your curricular tasks, while meeting the deadlines.

  • Mark your tasks. Put up a calendar in your room and mark dates with starting and ending of a task (such as English assignment)
  • Outline the task beforehand. Make a list in your mind of the essentials (the material you'd require, the time the task would take etc).
  • Listen to assigned books on tape. Listening and reading it simultaneously would boost your confidence and even make you aware of different pronunciations.
  • Step by Step approach. Work with small steps and break down the topic. Re-do it many times till you can reach the next step.
  • Play math games. Games that require certain logical and mathematical skills.
  • Look back on yourself and compare. Look back at your performance in Grade 4 and compare it with what you've achieved today. You will feel great!


This is just an encouragement post to all those people who feel ashamed and anxious by being dyslexic or have their close ones going through this. You are a unique person with his/her own flaws and you shall be accepted by the ones who truly care for you.

You have one life, don't let it go in the fear of being dejected.

You can do much more than you think you can!


Have a lovely day! :)


Published by Anisha Loyall