Being strong does not mean that you are not afraid.

Being strong does not mean that you are stronger than the rest of the people around you.

Being strong means you are probably afraid of what lies ahead but are choosing  to go on. You are making a choice. In my job as a therapist, I often hear the words -  “I did not have choice but to be strong”. I beg to differ. You always have more than one choice in every situation. In the context of the subject being discussed, you had a choice to be strong and go on or a choice to give up. You chose to be strong. When you re-frame this thought in your mind and own up that you chose to be strong, you will see and feel the difference in your emotions as well as will power. Repeat the re-framed sentence to yourself “I had a choice & I chose to be strong”. Repeat it once again…and as you do, gently un-clench your muscles and allow your body to loosen up, for I know it is not easy to own up to your own strength.

Now Breathe...just breathe !

Being strong is simply the ability to work through our fears…wiping away those tears and walking the road that needs to be walked upon.

You have been through your personal struggles.

You have felt alone at times.

You have felt forsaken sometimes.

You have questioned and you have cried.

You have loved and lost and probably loved again, despite the (probable) resolves of never doing so.

You, my friend, are the survivor and you have lived a life where you have walked the road that needed to be walked upon. You have probably forgotten that you have worked through your fears in the past.

You are a courageous survivor. That is who you are.

Do you feel a difference in yourself?

Hold on to this new feeling that you are experiencing now.

Own it up. It belongs to you....absorb it ...enjoy it...cherish it.



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Published by Rachna