Hey ladies and gents, today I'll be posting my first blog post on here about being single. Everybody has stereotypes of being single and what you should feel. However, being single isn't bad! I hope you enjoy today's posts and gain some self-love and acceptance. 



 It's hard to believe that being single is a blessing! 

  • You don’t have to get up early in the mornings to care for a baby or the slamming of doors.
  • You’re able to enjoy life, e.g. not having to take care of your significant other and yourself.

Why most people get into a relationship 

 Want a partner to befit them:

Boyfriends/girlfriends are able to benefit that person’s feelings e.g. Sammi is a very positive influence and she is dating Peter. Peter gets very depressed fairly easily, however, Peter has Sammi to comfort him whenever he’s down. The feelings you’re missing are hoped to be complete with that right influence by your side.


Learn to be fully content with who you're before jumping into a relationship. When you depend on someone for happiness and one day they don't provide that happiness, you'll end up feeling hurt. Your happiness and joy shouldn't come from another person. 


Wanting to fit into the "normal" or crowd:
  • Your feelings for your partner may not be true if you’re only dating them because all your friends around you have significant others.
  • Seeing your friends relationships is great and all… but it may not be true. You don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors, so why would you want to mimic such unhealthy behaviour?
Panic button!

Relationships are not on a timer. Recently, I was told that a man found his first love and married at the age of 40. Ludicrous I know, but it just goes to show you that LOVE is out there for you. Just live, chill and relax without the mindset of getting a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Being single 

Get to know yourself first
  • Figure out your likes and dislikes.
  • Spend more time being grateful – YOU’RE FREE!
  • Focus on your studies
Time to prepare 
  • Learn what it takes to be in a relationship.
  • Find what you want in another person’s character – by doing this, you’ll be more prepared and have a higher chance of a successful relationship.

Are you a single pringle in today's society? Let me know in the comment section below.

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