You've probably heard of it before. It's called veganism. 

Veganism is the practice of not consuming anything that comes from animals (meats, dairy, eggs, or any animal derived products.) There is usually a negative connotation that is associated with the word. You always hear about the "pushy" vegans and PETA spray painting people in fur jackets. We are all so entertained with these stories that we've yet to actually understand the meaning behind it instead of just laughing at the absurdity of those people. Now listen I'm not here to waste anybody's time so I'm going to make this simple for all of us. 

The pros and cons to being vegan: 

Pros: Not using animals as a commodity, feeling healthier, having clearer skin, feeling good about your food choices, eating delicious food, learning how to cook really well, getting an awesome body, knowing that you are saving a huge number of animals each year (there's actually a calculator online for this), being a part of a community, being able to eat higher volumes of food without getting full, having more energy, feeling like you have a bond with the animals around you, preventing global warming, putting more money into local farmer's markets, eating dessert knowing that it's still not SUPER unhealthy, you can still have Starbucks coffee (this was huge for me, as I'm typing this sitting in a Starbucks), not being at risk of getting diseases that come from meats, and trust me there are many more. 

Cons: Not eating fast food as much (if you really like that), takes more time to prepare meals, people getting angry with you solely because you don't eat meat like them (they feel personally attacked because you're living a healthier lifestyle and eating delicious foods), can be difficult if you live with people who don't also live on a plant-based diet, harder to do when you're younger (can still be done though), learning that some of your favorite brands aren't vegan.


All of the cons that are listed can be overcome with determination and hard work. Becoming vegan is a HARD process because you're changing your diet that you've had your whole life. It's going to take time but it's far from impossible. A lot of people start this by transitioning slowly to veganism (such as taking out eggs for the first week, then cheese the next week, etc.) and others start by simply cutting everything out all at once and being vegan from that moment on. There is no right way to go vegan. All that matters is that you do it. This is something that will not only help our own bodies it will also help the environment, economy, and animals. Consider changing your diet to benefit all beings on this planet and not just yourself. If you do decide to make this amazing change in your life and feel yourself wanting to go back to those old food habits just remember that you're not going to only let yourself down when that happens but also the ones that can't speak up about their own lives. I advise you to educate yourself further on the topic by also watching documentaries offered on netflix such as "Forks Over Knives" and "Cowspiracy".  

Also check out these awesome YouTubers who I relied on when I first started looking for information on becoming vegan: 

Freelee the Banana Girl, James Aspey, (vegan fast food options) Supreme Banana, and Raw Alignment

Another great tip that I do every single day: finding vegan recipes on Pinterest and creating them on your own so you don't feel stranded when it comes to options.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences on the road to a plant-based diet!

Published by Sydney Peters