Just a little ‘Pick Me Up’ on a Sunday night, with Monday morning fastly approaching.

Sunday nights are rubbish, I can’t say I know a single person who likes them. It’s hard to feel happy when you have a long week at work ahead, after having a lovely stress free weekend, whether you’ve spent it alone or with your loved ones. I know what your all thinking, ‘I really don’t want to go to work this week’ ‘I’ll never get all that work done this week’, ‘I don’t want to face all that hard work again’ ‘There’s not enough time to get things done’, ‘What if this happens..’. And feeling so down and upset that you don’t even want to speak to anyone!
Let’s try change our thoughts this week. Look ahead to next week; what challenges, chores, expectations will you be faced with? Think about them right now, plan ahead, write them down, think how you can tackle them in the best way. Enter next week with a positive attitude and know that you are going to get everything done when you need to and on time. Look forward to getting things done, look forward to your week ahead and most of all..

‘Believe in yourself a little more’

Believe that you will succeed in everything that you need to this week, believe that you will be able to tackle any problems you are faced with and most importantly believe that you will do the best you can to get the job done! And I can promise you, you will have a much better week! It is definitely starting to work for me 🙂.

Take care, and be happy.
Emily Jane

Published by Emily Joel