photo of a little Mayan girl
A little girl carrying water back to the village

Written By; Gary Wonning

The Cockscomb Basin is ringed on three sides by high ridges and mountains , being a protected rain forest its name comes from the cockscomb profile of the nearby Maya Mountains. Home to the elusive Jaguar and other rare species such as the red eye tree frog, this Reserve can only be reached by a very rough six-mile mud road. It is best to visit during the "dry season" which runs from February - May. During the wet season June-January, most of the annual 180 inches of rain occurs thus roads can be impassable.


Inside the Preserve well-maintained trails have been cut to give visitors a taste of the area's bio-diversity, offering impressive views and an ideal environment for plant spotting, serious birding or seeking out wildlife, jungle flora and fauna in a wilderness state. There are numerous hiking trails for exploring the area, including a 3-day hike to Victoria Peak, the second highest mountain peak in Belize. Inner tubes can be rented to float down the Stann Creek River.


photo of a Mayan Pyramid
An interesting photo book about the Maya Indians of central America

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