Bender (The Core Four book one)

Stacy Borel

Keegan lives with her mom and is essentially the parent to her 8-year-old sister, but wants to move out. Camden is looking for a roommate, so his brother, Dodger, interviews Keegan and voila. Initially, Camden is quite rude and standoffish, so Keegan keeps to herself.

She meets Luke at Camden’s gym, and they begin dating. Camden starts to show more and more interest in her as he gets to know her, but Keegan decides to stay with Luke, who she feels is a sure deal. After finding out she was the butt of a joke with Luke’s fraternity, though, she runs straight into Camden’s arms. The two finally get together, but can their differences keep them together or tear them apart?

Standalone new adult romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

Overall, Camden was pretty cool. He was extremely rude in the beginning, but when he opened up, he was great.

Keegan, on the other hand, was very insecure and pretty annoying. She was obsessed with her weight and how she looked, but she refused to go to a gym or workout to change how she felt about herself. When Camden finds out she's been sleeping on an air mattress and buys her all new furniture, she flips out and threatens to beat it with a bat. Let's not even talk about when she found out about Bree (without asking who she was) and tried beating Camden’s car with her bare hands. Chick is insane.

With all of that being said, this was a really nice story, and I really enjoyed it. I totally recommend it, and I will be reading the others.

4/5 stars

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Published by Risa Lynn