Hi again! It has taken me so long to jump into the hype of this gem (spoilers). Benefit is known for their over the top, but cute, packaging and most of all, this bronzer. The Benefit counter, in my opinion, is always fun to rummage through and swatch everything until there’s no room left on my wrists and hands. The brand has been hyped up all over youtube lately, especially since launching more and repacking their brow products, and I wanted to give something a try since I normally stick to the same few brands. The Hoola bronzer, known for its versatility and amazing pigmentation, seemed like a great product to start with to get me warmed up to the brand. This product can be picked up from any boots, House of Fraser stores and online and will cost you £23.50.

This bronzer will certainly cost you a pretty penny, but I think it is totally worth it. It comes with 8g of product, a brush, and a mirror. The packaging is great and fun to look at as it has bamboo leaves around it and on the inside of the lid. It is a little bulky to store and if you planned on throwing out the brush that is included, there is a lot of empty space that isn’t needed, but as I am planning on keeping the brush to use with the product, I find the packaging reasonable. The box is pretty durable well made but I can see it wearing out with use.

As someone who is quite pale (an NW13 in MAC), it’s hard to find a bronzer that doesn’t oxidize or looks muddy as soon as I step out into natural lighting. I think the colour of hoola would suit a wide variety of skin tones as I feel like the colour is not too warm which could suit pale people better, but not too grey and cool toned that it would look ashy on darker skin tones. It could also be used as a transition colour in the crease or to blend out darker colours if you wanted to get more use out of it. I use it to bronze rather than contour, but the brush that comes with it allows you to do both. The colour, on me, gives a nice and natural bronze while still providing a chiseled look to make the cheekbones look more prominent. As soon as I opened the box and took out the brush, I could tell that the quality was lacking as it started shedding straight away before I had even used it, and for nearly £24, you wouldn’t expect that to happen. Nevertheless, the product is what I was buying, not the tool, and I think it is phenomenal. As soon as I had gotten home from my shopping trip, I applied it using an angled blush brush to give it a more casual, everyday, natural effect. You only need to tap your brush a few times in the product and you will have enough for both sides of your face; it’s amazing. It lasts on the cheeks a long time, doesn’t become patchy throughout the day and mix with my oils, it doesn’t fade and it has great pigmentation.

Natural Lighting 

Artificial Lighting (flash)


So, is it worth the hype?

I would certainly say that it is worth the hype as it definitely pigmented, long lasting and you only have to use a small amount of product. The price for me is a bit much and I don’t think I will be purchasing it again anytime soon, but considering how little product you have to use and the size of the pan, I won’t need to (hopefully). I would say that if you’re looking for a high-end bronzer or want to try out Benefit for the first time, this product would be great. I also think this is beginner friendly as it is easy to blend.

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Published by Aimee Louise Smith