Many businessmen don’t understand the value of employee training until they incur monetary damage because of the actions of untrained workers. Have you ever seen an un-trained pilot flying an aircraft? No airline does that, even if the pilot doesn’t charge them a penny. They have their image and a hundred million dollar plane to lose.

For an organization to confront the top guns in the industry, trained workers are the key. There are a lot of benefits that an organization can avail once they adequately train its employees. Here is the list of parameters that mark the importance of employee training.

It keeps them Happy

A trained worker remains happy at a psychological level because he has been trained to implement his skills, using which he can become productive. Those who do not get sufficient training often make mistakes and never perform their best. This can be a tremendous loss of time and money for the organization. So you must better invest some of it; before losing it all.

Trained ones are more Efficient

Let us take an example of a construction company here. A front-end loader has to be used for land excavation. Whom do you think would be able to control the heavy vehicle more efficiently; a trained, or an un-trained one? Well, of course, the former one. The reason is simple as well. He knows how to tackle the problems.

But this does not mean that the latter must be avoided. He must rather be given Osha front-end loader training so that he can contribute his skills to the growth of the company in the future.

They make fewer Mistakes

Those who are given safety training and consulting services tend to make much lesser mistakes than their under-trained counterparts. In the industry that works on heights, the companies must provide the fall arrest training to their employees before exposing them to greater altitudes, so that they know how to effectively work on such heights without falling in the first place. Or even if they do, they must at least be able to bring themselves out of the situation without losing hope.

They exceed the Industry Standards

There often lies a fragile line between the standards of a successful and a not-so-successful firm. Companies earn reputation and money because of their employees. When someone is getting so much done for you, you must at least provide him with some classes so that he can learn some new things.

More often than not, employees implement almost all of their skills for their and their company’s growth. The more they are trained, the more they will get productive. That’s how you set your business apart from others.

Supervision will be reduced

For instance, you belong to the oil & gas industry. Now you must be aware of the fact that how detailed supervision is required at an oilfield. But, if you provide the workers with oilfield safety course, the cost of rigorous supervision will come down to a greater extent.

Not that it will be entirely eliminated, but there will not be a need for constant and detailed supervision at the workplace. The money and time saved through this can be used to at some other prospects so as to improve the productivity.

Boosts their Morale

Irrespective of the industry, the employees need to be confident in whatever they do. If they are given the proper training, their morale will increase, thus increasing their productivity.

The employees who understand the needs of their employers deserve the right treatment in return. Employers must understand the needs of employees to keep them satisfied. Being an employer, you must note that not everyone works for money. Once an employee gets irritated, no matter how well you pay, he’ll undoubtedly not work for you anymore. Employees want the respect and allowances in return. Training them is one of the allowances you can ensure for your employees.


If you try to save money and time by not training the employees, you’ll eventually lose these two. Not only time and money, but you’ll lose the reputation in this saturated and competitive market. Once you lose the name, everything gets over within some time. Make sure you provide your employees with enough training so they don’t feel down and worthless.

Published by Janice Cook