At eelinktech we develop and manufacture 4g GPS trackers for private and business. Our trackers are for simple use cases towards anti-theft and keeping an overview of assets.

main focus on GPS Tracking Business, eelinktech is an China GPS tracker Manufacturer, offering a wide range of GPS solutions from GPS vehicle tracking to asset temperature & location monitoring. Fleet tracking, GPS fleet tracking service.

We keep a strict focus on making our products out-of-box ready to use with minimum or no need of instructions.

We use state-of-the art IOT tech to develop our trackers maximizing battery life to several years, and reducing costs with at least 50 % compared to existing tracking solutions.

Our audience and our market:
IOT market, Fleet management(Fleet Tracking Sevices), Car loans, Auto Financing, Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships, Vehicle theft recovery, Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring GPS Tracking , and so on.

Published by Umar Bajwa