Green tea is an incredibly healthy beverage; one that has been in use for millennia. It started thousands of years ago, and it’s not surprising - the number of benefits that are associated with green tea is astounding. More and more people are turning to green tea to aid weight loss, improve overall health, fight diseases, etc.

Green tea does have a slightly weird taste, but when you combine it with lemon - there’s no going wrong. Green tea is an antioxidant explosion in your body; one that is necessary to keep it functioning correctly.

So, what are all the things that green tea is good for? Here are 9 of the best benefits that green tea brings, but for the skin!

Yup, that’s right, green tea helps with various skin issues as well. The usefulness never stops! Let’s not lose any more time on this introduction and skip right ahead!

Improves Skin Complexion
















Skin complexion is an issue many people face. Attractiveness can easily be determined through this, and some people aren’t happy with theirs. There’s not a lot you can do to improve the situation, but even if there’s just one method - it’s going to come in handy.

It just so happens that for this, green tea is supreme. Green tea is entirely capable of improving one’s skin complexion so that you become attractive, fair, and amazing skin. One cup each day is enough, but you can dial it up if you find it tasty and refreshing!

Reduces Dark Circles

Puffy eyes are common in this day and age, and most people have them during their lifetime at least once. There are many commercial ways on how to deal with this but how about natural ones? Green tea is filled with antioxidants, as previously mentioned, which makes it powerful enough to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes.

It also contains tannins, and the combination of the two helps shrink blood vessels that can be found under the delicate skin around your eyes. All you need are two used green tea bags (that you used to make tea). Place them in the fridge for around 30 minutes, take them out, and put them on your eyes, closed. Keep on for 15 minutes and rinse. Two times a day should do the trick!

Treats Acne

Did you know that green tea is an excellent way of fighting acne and restoring your skin to its former glory? Yup, that’s right, green tea is capable of doing this as well. This is due to acne-fighting bacteria found in almost all green tea extracts. These bacteria (ironically) act as antibacterial agents.

Green tea cleans the area under your skin. Oh, by the way, it can also help level out your hormones which are usually the culprit when it comes to acne.

Aids in Weight Reduction

People all around the globe are searching for ways to fight increasing weight gain, and there’s one method that’s exceptional - green tea. Green tea speeds up your metabolic processes and helps deal with indigestion problems as well. Start drinking green tea on the regular if you’re looking to lose weight.

The results also come quicker than you’d expect. Green tea enables your metabolism to speed up and be more efficient. Boost your metabolism with green tea, and you’ll be well on your way to a slim and amazing physique!

Fights Skin Cancer

Cancer is an illness that affects millions of people, and it’s one of the most dangerous diseases at the moment. Sometimes, you’ll recover, other times you’ll recover, but it’ll reappear, and, well, sometimes it wins.

The only real thing you can do about this is to try your best at preventing it. There are many forms of cancer, but green tea is powerful enough to combat all of them. Again, this is because of the existence of a plethora of antioxidants. Skin cancer has an even smaller chance of appearing than others because of the direct influence of green tea.


When you first notice you’ve aged, something crumbles inside of you. Whether it’s your self-confidence or your happiness, people rarely stay immune to the effects of aging. Think about how long people try to keep baldness away until they eventually admit to themselves that they’ve gotten older.

Fortunately, green tea is here to help. Simply drink a cup of green tea every day, and soon you’ll notice the difference in how you look. Green tea makes you look younger than you are, prolonging that feeling of youth we all have!

Reduces Tan

Sun tanning is a bad situation that can only get worse. Your skin isn’t meant to be baked in the sun in ultraviolet rays that are very harmful. Once the tan sets in, you can be sure that your skin will have a tough time recovering.

Some people use yogurt for sunburn, but when it comes to tanning, not a lot of people are interested in getting rid of it. Isn’t the whole point of going on a summer vacation to get tan lines? Well, that’s allowed and respectable, but you do need to care for your skin. At the very least, if you don’t want to stay out of the sun, use green tea to reduce the tanning effects.

Sun Protection

We mentioned the use of yogurt before as a means to fight sunburns, but did you know that green tea can also be used to heal sunburned areas? Yep, you heard me right, and green tea is as effective as anything else!

The advantage that green tea has over other methods is that it directly neutralizes UV damage. It also protects from UV rays so you can take some green tea and spread it all over yourself to keep your skin protected.

Removes Blackheads

Blackheads have been bothering humans for hundreds of years, and many of us experienced them during our teenage years. I for one couldn’t find the means to get rid of them when I was younger. But, as you might have guessed, green tea appeared to have an effect.

Now you’ve got all you need to fight the blackheads!

Published by Dhaval Patel