Electrical accidents can be caused by faulty electrical wiring and an outdated electrical system. According to statistics, there are about 1,000 deaths annually due to electrical injuries, with 400 cases are a result of high-voltage electrical injuries. Also, there are about 30,000 non-fatal shock incidents happening every year. 

Given this statistical data, it's important to prioritize safety by evaluating your electrical system at least once a year. It should be done by a professional electrician. If you live in Colorado Springs, you'll need to hire a top-performing electrician, someone whom you can trust and rely on every time you face an electrical emergency situation. 

Thus, if ever you have electrical emergency problems, you need to hire the best Colorado Springs electrician for your peace of mind. By doing so, you have an assurance that the same problem won't occur again, and any adjacent issue will be resolved. 

In this post, you'll learn the benefits of hiring the best electrician in Colorado Springs so you can make an informed decision when choosing one.

Get Expert Services Hiring Licensed Electricians

For a journeyman to become a full-fledged master electrician, it takes several years of study, experience, and continuous education and training to keep their license. Expect excellent electrical services when you hire one of the best electricians Colorado Springs, such as circuit breaker, electrical outlets, and electrical wiring repair and installation, 

Here are the benefits of hiring a licensed electrician:

  • Avoid starting the work from scratch, saving your precious time.

  • Expect to finish the job on the agreed timeframe without delay or disruption. 

  • Ensure the health and safety of your family because you're assured that your electrical fixtures are correctly installed.

  • Save money from early electrical system repairs and parts replacement. 

  • Get expert energy-saving tips.

Address Electrical Emergencies Immediately

Electrical emergencies usually strike during the most unexpected and inconvenient times. One potential sign of an electrical problem is burning plastic or metallic smell caused by burnt electrical wires. Such a problem should be corrected immediately to avoid a life-threatening situation, like a house fire. 

Overheating electrical wires would mean a faulty wire or a bad connection, so if you smell burnt wires, you should cut the power promptly, and call an emergency technician or 24/7 electrical company. A top-performing electrician is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced to resolve any emergency electrical issue that requires prompt attention.

Here are some indicative signs of emergency electrical problems:

  • A Humming or Buzzing Breaker Box: If you hear any loud noise from the breaker box, it means that something is at fault and causing your electrical system to trip. It's a dangerous situation, which means that you have a failing electrical safety system, which can pose a big safety problem.

  • Electrical Outlet Smoke: It's true that the presence of smoke would mean the presence of fire eventually. 

Smoldering or a fire in any electrical wiring is considered an electrical emergency that can quickly escalate, so you need to cut the main power immediately, contact 911, and call an emergency electrician.

  • Loss of Power: If you lost power and your neighbors have, and you're sure that you paid your bill, then it's considered an electrical emergency. Contact the power company to find out the reason why your power is disconnected. 

One reason might be an injury to your breaker box. That's why the power company needs to interrupt your electrical services temporarily to avoid risking the entire electrical system. 

If everything seems fine, but your power is down, call an emergency electrician right away. 

Safety and Security

By hiring a top-performing electrician, you'll keep your home safer and secure, not only from fire or other electrical accidents but also from the bad guys. A reliable and experienced electrician can help you make your home a “smart home,” allowing you to remotely control your home security devices, appliances, and even your automated windows and doors using your internet-capable device, like your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your home safe and secure from electrical issues:

  • Water and Electricity: Keep away appliances and electrical devices near the water spill to avoid electrical accidents. 

  • Correct Power Outlet Usage: Overloaded power outlet can pose a safety risk to your property. That's why you should not plug numerous devices in a single socket using multiple adaptors. 

A warn or flipping circuit breaker can be a sign of a serious electrical problem. 

  • Smart Extension Cords Usage: Extension cords should only be used temporarily and not as a permanent electrical source solution. If you’re using an extension cord from one room to another area, calling an electrician to install a new outlet is highly recommended. 

For outdoor use, ensure that your extension cord is clearly labeled as such because you need them to be thicker and waterproof. 

Get Proper Electrical Education

By hiring a top-rated electrician, you'll get expert advice, such as energy-saving tips and on how to find other means of energy, like renewable energy sources. While average electricians can repair your electrical problems fast and easy, a top-performing electrician will provide electrical education to their clients as part of excellent service.

Here are some expert electrical system tips for homeowners:

  • Go Solar: If you want solar power to be installed in your home, a top-rated electrician who has knowledge and training on solar power can help you so you can reap the cost-effective benefits of solar energy.

  • Power Child-proofing: Because children are naturally curious, you need to get expert advice from the best electrician to ensure that little fingers are protected from electrical accidents. 

A good electrician knows the child-proofing electrical system features you need to invest in, such as tamper-resistant receptacles, to cover the holes of outlets when being used.

  • Home Automation Solutions: A top-performing electrician is aware of the different “smart home” solutions available. An experienced electrician can help you automate and control your audio, lighting, entertainment, and HVAC devices remotely and conveniently via your smartphone.


Hiring a top-caliber electrician can help you repair your electrical problems and replace outlets and wirings as needed. Also, you'll get expert advice about smart homes by automating your electrical system for your convenience and home security. 

If you have electrical emergencies, it's crucial to hire a professional electrician who’s licensed, insured, and experienced for your safety and peace of mind. 


Published by Derek Lotts