Many who saw the movie 13 Hours, walked out horror stricken – so many things not told or shared by the Liberal News Media or our Government.  Very few Americans realized that the United States never offered assistance to the three contractors in Benghazi (Kris "Tanto" Paronto, Mark "Oz" Geist, and John "Tig" Tiegen.) 

Strange as it may seem “Tanto” was interviewed by the Senate Benghazi Committee and never asked to testify before Congress nor put on the witness stand by Trey Gowdy.

Oz was invited to speak to the Congressmen and/or Senators – very few showed up to hear Oz’s recount of the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  But, never fear many of the Congressmen and Senators covered their backside sending their staffers to fill in for them.  Doesn’t this speak of the nonchalant way our Government handles business – just too busy to be bothered with the death of 4 brave American men.

We’re talking about four brave American men who were murdered by terrorists and our sophisticated politicians just aren’t interested.  The three heroes Tanto, Oz and Tig were sort of kissed goodbye by their CIA comrades,Democrats and Liberal News - that is when each of the three decided they needed some legal support; attorneys were hired to represent them.

The Liberal News media and many Government employees tried in vain to shut the three men down accusing them of misrepresentation or lying about the 13 hours they fought the terrorists in Benghazi trying to save the lives of Christopher Stevens (Our Ambassador,) and three other brave Americans. 

None of the three are interested in the political ramifications; they just want Americans to know the real story because they were on the front lines fighting to save our men’s lives. They hooked up with 3 Arts who helped them get a book published and a movie produced. 

Many who have seen 13 Hours walk out of the theatre sad, angry and totally shocked at the events that actually occurred during the Benghazi terrorist attack.  The movie did not discuss Obama and Hillary’s whereabouts that night, but movie goers wondered where the President of the USA and Secretary of State were hanging out that night.

They also wondered why no one was deployed to help these three men – although each man (Tanto, Oz abd Tig)  felt in their hearts that help would soon be arriving.  The “stand down” orders were given to the three heroes 3 times, but no one will accept responsibility for that command. Isn’t it sad how our Government conveniently sweeps information under the rug, never to be seen again?

Why was a Libyan airlines used to bring the bodies of our Ambassador and three American men home?  No one wants to touch that question with a 10 foot pole. Why did our Government charter a plane to be deployed to Benghazi? 

Trey Gowdy Just Dropped A Benghazi BOMBSHELL: 'There ...

Finally after 27 minutes of being commanded to stand down, the three men disobeyed the orders and went to the compound to try to save 4 American lives.  The movie depicts 13 hours of “Hell,” and one must wonder where Obama and Clinton were during this time and why they didn’t do their duty to try and save our Ambassador and 3 other American lives.

In the next segment, I will give you information about Obama and Clinton’s agenda that night.  I will disclose with hard evidence or facts proof beyond a doubt that both of them knew it was a terrorist attack.

And I will show you how many of the key players involved in this attack were shut down or removed from the public eye.  The Benghazi attack reeks of Government lies, manipulation and intolerable conduct that hopefully will be corrected in the near future. 

The two key people Obama & Hillary choreographed a scheme that would throw Americans off guard long enough for Obama to win his second term.  Needless to say it worked!  Obama is President and Hillary is running for President in 2016. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood