Bernie Sanders Voters; Take Heed.

Bernie let you down.

After all of the campaigning and lecturing about big business and big government , he caved and went to their side.

What lesson can you learn from this?

You put your faith in an elected official, a politician.

When do we learn not to trust in government?

Politicians and government have their own agenda. Politicians only want to get reelected, and most will do anything necessary to accomplish that goal. Most politicians could care less what is good for you or the country. They are not going to take care of you.

We need to trust ourselves and learn to once again take care of and provide for our own needs.

photo of the United states capitol building

What has government done for you?

Trust in God and yourself, they are the only ones who have your best interests at heart.

I believe that is what the framers of our constitution were trying to convey. They never trusted government to do the right thing, why do we?


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A picture of the U.S. Capitol building

What has Government Done for You?

Published by Gary Wonning