I and my colleagues have this penchant for viewing horror films in the cinemas. We watched sequels namely Conjuring and Insidious. Before the actual day of watching, we discuss the trailer, review the previous film and predict the story line. Whoever shows up at the theater braves the big screen and jump scares, not to mention the 3 nights after that.

Watching is a challenge and going beyond fear is much more. We watched Conjuring 2 recently. Seeing the nun or Valak straight into my face (as if) is the horror itself. How about imagining it while the lights are off? I just did that night. However, I just got thoughts from the movie which helped me cope over it.

I don’t want to spoil anything but let me encourage you to take the challenge. First, about the grandpa. My sympathy goes to him for I remembered my own grandfather. He likes Queen Elizabeth. He is a comic one. He whistles. You have to guess the title of the song. I know you can. Above all, his attachment to his family will melt your heart. After watching, you’ll be having knock-knock games (laughs).

My friends told me about their clothes and I vowed to observe it in the film. The setting was in London so typically, it’s an English culture. We are accustomed to attires of the duchess and aristocrats but how about the ordinary citizens? It’s a plus that the film was set in the 70s and it was also Christmas time. Actually, the film is based on true story. 

Music was totally present in the film. I sang those lines. I started a joke which started the whole world crying..You’ll be carried away. I promise.You will also have another memory of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Anyway, just sing it lightly. Brush the memory out after. But I can’t help falling in love with you..

“I married him.” That’s the line where you know how the Psychic couple love each other. You will also feel that. It’s a touch of true love and faith. It’s very visible. Hold on to your seats, please.

I also like the momentary humor from grandpa, the shut-up approach and the run. You’ll be giggling. Just don’t be caught off-guard.

The anti-bullying campaign was carried out. He likes bullying your sister so, better stick together (may not exactly the statement). It speaks of a team or family fighting as a whole. It’s same as all for one, one for all. The team speaks of the kids. See how brave they were.

Mainly, Conjuring 2 centers on faith. Prayers and beliefs make things loudly be true. Visions are ways to tell it will or will not happen. As the trailer says just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you’re safe, then, this makes you believe that your will is above anything else, not even demons can win over.

Are you going to watch now? Tell me. 


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