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Saturday morning rolls around and my taste buds are always tingling. My boyfriend and I always lay in bed hunting for a new brunch place to try, reading out the menus to each other and usually taking forever to decide. Here are a few of our choices in the last few weeks…

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At the ‘Lucky Penny’ in South Yarra, I got smashed avocado with chilli oil, sour cream and a rocket and mint salad on toast with poached eggs. Delicious and a lovely little spot on Chapel Street right near the Jam Factory. I could have picked several things off the menu and definitely got ‘fomo’ when I saw my friend’s choice.


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'Einstein’s 251' in Caulfield was our latest brunch spot. The science theme in the cafe is subtle but fun, with water jugs the shape of test tubes! I had the Haloumi bruschetta with avocado, poached egg, cherry tomato and radish medley with dukkah yoghurt dressing.

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My boyfriend had the potato and sweet potato fritters with haloumi, poached eggs, and a tomato and corn medley.

Melbourne is well known for its coffee and I must admit that I am not a coffee drinker and haven’t been able to take advantage of the incredible coffee scene. However, I don’t mind a sweet iced coffee if the mood strikes me, which it did at 'Einstein’s'. I got a ‘Dirty Iced Chai, brewed fresh chai with vanilla bean sugar syrup, vanilla ice-cream and ice. It was good and I’m starting to open up to the idea of coffee more!

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I had to mention, once again, 'Glovers Station' in Ripponlea. I think it has taken over as my favourite brunch spot and this certainly wasn’t the only time I’ve had this for brunch recently. The dish is a zucchini (courgette for us English folk) fritter with poached eggs, a corn and asparagus and pea leaf salad, avocado puree and I cheekily add bacon to the mix. This is delicious, light but filling and makes me feel great about the way I have started my day. Gorgeous spot, always busy and amazing friendly service. Cannot fault the place!

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The last notable mention is 'Lot 3' in Ripponlea, right next to the train station. My boyfriend likes to study in small cafes, mainly so he can get out the house and have an excuse to drink coffee all day long. He keeps gravitating back to Lot 3 and I’ve met him a few times when I get off the train. It’s only a tiny place but it is simple and sophisticated. The cafe was set up by a guy who previously worked at Attica, one of the best restaurants in the world (ranked number 33 in New York yesterday at the World’s best restaurants awards) so needless to say, the food is pretty great. Often described very simply on the menu like ‘pasta in red sauce’, it comes out and takes extraordinary!

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I popped by to meet my boyfriend and ordered the thrice cooked chips and one of there own soda drinks. They have a cool little self serve soda machine which hosts 4 flavours that change regularly. I got to try each flavour and much to my surprise picked their coffee cola. Cold cola with a filter coffee mixed in. It was delicious and not what I was expecting, but it was genius! Very reasonably priced considering the value and taste, I think my drink and bowl of chips came to $10 (£5)!

So many more to try… boy oh boy am I enjoying Melbourne’s brunch scene!

B x

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