If I had to choose the best day of my life there would be many choices; the birth of my children, the day I retired, my wedding day or one of many others.  But the best day of my life is yet to come.  It will be the day I die.  You may ask, how can that possibly be the best day or your life?  Why?  Because it is the day in which I will see Jesus.

    Fanny Crosby was a hymn writer who was blind from the age of six weeks.  She always said that she was not sorry she was unable to see.  In a way, she said it was a blessing because the first person she was going to see would be Jesus.

    All of us will one day close our eyes for one final time on this earth.  The question is when they open in eternity will the sight be wonderful or grotesque, will it be heaven or hell.  Those are our only two choices, and yes it is our choice.  God does not force us into either, He allows us to choose.  We choose by believing or not believing in Jesus and either allowing or not allowing Him to be Lord of our lives.

Published by Ray Richards