Puppies can be the cutest addition to any family unit. They can give their owners endless hours of pleasure and can even increase our fitness levels as we parade through the streets or the park going for walks that we would not normally take. It can be a bit like having a baby in the house all over again and it can bring a family unit closer together as everyone puts a focus on their pup and joins in with the activities associated with caring for it.

So, if you are looking to buy a gift or an essential item for your puppy, what are the best dog products?

Collar and Leash

A collar is arguably one of the most important products that you can buy for your pup. It allows you to tag your pup with your name and address. Pups are playful and until they are properly trained, they could easily wander off and become lost. You can buy very comfortable, adjustable collars which is always an idea, especially if your pup has not worn a collar before. The leash should be used at times when you are out and about to ensure that your pup does not wander far. An extendable leash is always a good idea to allow your pup that extra bit of freedom.


Your pup may need to be contained at times, especially when travelling. It would not be appropriate to have a young pup unrestrained in a moving vehicle, that could be dangerous for the driver, passengers and your pup. You can purchase containers that are designed for home use only, to give your pup a ‘den’ to retreat to and you can purchase crates which are much more portable and suitable for travelling.


A good comfy bed is important for you and it is equally as important for your pup. It may be that to begin with, you use the container but when your pup is ready, a bed is great. You can purchase different styles of bed made from different materials to accommodate even the fussiest of pups!


Water bowls are going to be an essential purchase but they can easily be knocked over and if your pup is going to be home alone at any point, that could be an issue. You can purchase a water fountain for your pup which means that he / she will have access to water all day.



Every pup loves its toys and there are so many to choose from, chewable toys, balls, frisby’s, there  is a huge selection of new and innovative ideas to keep your puppy amused for hours and the great part of it is that many of the toys allow you and your puppy to interact and play together.

There is nothing more rewarding for the owner than to have a happy puppy and many of the accessories which are available can help to enhance the comfort, safety and enjoyment for your puppy. All pups are different but it shouldn’t take you long to discover what best suits your puppy.



Published by Lavismichel Inkel