Even though I'm on the other side of the globe I was more than happy when I heard that my hometown was proclaimed as European Best Destination in 2016. How great is that?? I must emphasize that in this competition were participating cities like Athens, Milan and Paris and that is what makes this success even bigger. This small town with a population of only 80 000 people has to be on your route while you are traveling around Croatia. It is not just my advice it is advice from the people from all over the world who voted during this competition.

Zadar has great and long history. As you arrive you will see that those streets can tell you a lot of stories. Here is the quick reminder why my hometown has to be the part of your travel plans in the near future...

If you like crowded places the best time to come here is during the summer. On the other hand, in the winter time there's nobody on the streets and that's great - then you can have it only for yourself! This Dalmatian jewel is more than 3000 years old and because of that it has so much to offer, especially to those people who are interested in the great historical stories. Narrow streets, old buildings and wonderful sights are something that will leave you speechless. St. Donatus church, Roman forum, long walls all around the peninsula and old harbor are just a small part of what you have to see. Today, most of the visitors come here to enjoy on the first Sea Organs in the world - as the sea is hitting the coast Sea Organs are playing the music. It is the melody that you can hear only in Zadar.

One more thing that I’m sure that will leave you speachless is the magical sunset. You know, even Alfred Hitchcock once called it: "The most beautiful sunset in the world".

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