Sometimes you just want the look of being in the Caribbean for a week or 2 with a sun-kissed tan so i’m going to share with you guys my favourite fake tans! I tend to lean towards tinted moisturisers rather than instant fake tans because they won’t leave a massive streak if you spill something on you but sometimes you need a quick tan! I’ve tried a number of instant fake tans and always fall back to the same one St Mortiz the formula is a mousse, so easy to apply! Garnier and Doves formula is a white lotion so can be tricky to see exactly where you’re applying but when they're applied evenly the tan looks so natural! Bondi Sands coconut scented lotion acts as an instant fake tan and tinted moisturiser, when you apply it gives you an instant tan but is best after it has been left for 6 hours and showered off!



Published by megirae x