'Adam Hills was a quiet primary school kid with a prosthetic foot who did all his homework and only spoke when spoken to. His dad sparked in him a love of comedy, and together they'd spend hours watching and listening to the likes of Peter Sellers and Mel Brooks. So when it was Adam's turn to speak, he made sure he was funny.

Once he hit high school, comedy was Adam's obsession (along with a deep love for the South Sydney Rabbitohs). While his mates were listening to Iron Maiden and AC/DC, he was listening to Kenny Everett and Billy Connolly. And when a report card came home with a comment praising his sense of humour, he was far prouder of that than his grades (his mum not so much).

Adam's shyness and his missing foot never held him back, though wearing thongs was tricky. While other teens snuck off to meet girls and drink cheap booze, Adam snuck off to see a young Jim Carrey perform. After that, a steady diet of Rodney Rude, Vince Sorrenti and Robin Williams led this sheltered, virginal university student from The Shire to his first stand-up open mic night on his 19th birthday.'

This book made me laugh out loud.

I had high hopes going into this book, and I wasnt disappointed. I was expecting witty banter, funny situations, behind the scenes gossip from Spicks and Specks and The Last Leg, as well as unbelievably amusing anecdotes. Not only does this amazing memoir contains all of those things, it is heartwarming and utterly charming.

Adam Hills has done a fantastic job with this book. Documenting his childhood to his early years in Aussie comedy, with stories about his friends and family. With hilarious tales from his life on the road, early morning radio and his various hosting work, Adam Hills gives the reader what they want and what they never thought to ask for.

As one of Australia's biggest and most loved comedians and TV Personalities, Adam Hills has lived a life that most people could only dream of, yet in this beautifully crafted memoir, the lesson you are left with is follow your heart and always try to be positive.

Best Foot Forward by Adam Hills is a must read for everyone. Not only will it will warm your heart it will make you laugh out loud.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker