When winter is around the corner, it means things are about to take a U-turn and you will be spending more time indoors at your Michigan Home. It’s a great time to take on some simple repair and improvement projects around your home that can cut your energy costs, improve your comfort and improve the health of your family members.

When choosing projects to handle before winter, it’s important to focus on the ones that will lower the cost of your utility bills, increase your property’s value and make your stay more comfortable. You should probably start with smaller tweaks but with the primary focus of keeping the warm air in, the cold air out and improving your comfort.

1. Roof Repairs

This is very important. If your area code is likely to experience extreme weather, including hail, snow, sleet, and rain, it’s critical that you have a complete and solid roof over your head. And even without a possibility of those weather hazards, if your roof is not structurally sound, you’re bound to run into a number of issues down the line.

Roofs with one or two missing or broken shingles and minor leaks can be successfully completed by an average DIY enthusiast. Aluminum flashing and roofing cement can sufficiently repair a number of damaged shingles within minutes. Alternatively, you could swap out the damaged shingles with new ones. Larger projects like installing a new roof are better left to experienced professionals.

2. Replace or repair Garage Doors

If you don’t have a properly working garage door, you need to have it fixed before you have to tackle ice and snow. You will definitely hate being stuck in the middle of a snowstorm trying to operate your stubborn garage door by hand. Lubricate the garage door springs, tracks and garage door opener to keep everything running smoothly.

If there is any broken or malfunctioned part that needs garage door repair services, you need to call in professionals to help before it starts snowing. You also need to install garage door weather seals for insulation on older doors. Again, if you don’t have the tools or the time to insulate your garage door, consider calling in a pro or even replacing the entire door. This step will prevent heat loss and make your home warmer and more comfortable.

3. Fixing and Upgrading Windows

After you’re done with garage door repair and upgrade issues, it’s time to turn your attention to windows. When it comes to winter, your home’s windows offer more than just a picturesque view of the surrounding. Installing modern windows that have climate controlling or energy-efficient technologies can help reduce your heating bills by containing the heat during winter.

Weather-stripping around windows and doors will help keep the warm air in and cold air out. Without proper weather-stripping, small openings could cost you higher monthly heating bills. Apply appropriate weather-stripping materials along joints, overlaps, and seams. Alternatively, you can use a wide range of available window treatments, coatings, and coverings which can be easily removed and even re-used in some cases.

4. Gutters

Repairing and upgrading your home’s gutters can help protect the landscape around your home and also protect the facade. Properly working gutters also prevent water from founding entrances around windows and doors. You should seal downpours and seams to prevent your gutter system from damaging.

When you clean the roof, be sure to clear the gutters so as to avoid clogging and possible breakage. Faulty gutters can be quite dangerous when winter comes around because standing water will freeze, increase in weight and break off the gutter.

5. Beef up insulation

Other than installing garage door weather seals on garage doors, you also need to pay some attention to your attic. Heat naturally rises, and to contain it within your house, you need to ensure that the attic is insulated properly. This means checking for shallows areas where the insulation material might have not properly settled and insulating empty corners. You can easily treat small leaks using DIY foam insulation.

Adding fiberglass to the attic is also a high-value home improvement project that will help seal all the air leaks saving you on both money and potential repairs. Keep in mind that your attic always requires some form of ventilation, so don’t close all the vents without consulting an expert.

Bottom line

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made so far and should be taken care of as such. Improvement and repair needs can come up any time, but anything that can be fixed during warmer weather before winter makes the job much easier and faster.

The cost of some projects such as garage door repair, window and door replacement and garage door replacement might seem steep. However, once you’ve implemented all the necessary repair and upgrades, you will actually be able to save more over time. If you have any projects in minds that you think you might not manage on your own –like garage door replacement –always call in a professional to help.

Published by Matthew Piggot