The emergence of Vietnam, one of the most dynamic areas in Asia, shows no signs of decline. You should travel to Vietnam to know the real Asia. A quick transition from sleepy Hanoi to sleepy Sapa is the best way for families to get into real Vietnam. Let describes one of the most beautiful places in the country.


Some cities may participate in special sensory attacks in order to leave the streets of Hanoi for the first time. Recently, boutiques and hotels have appeared, but scooters that go around Hoan Kiem Lake along the streets of old cities have completely different sides of this metropolis. It is deeper in the capital of Vietnam. Three Huyen House is located on the outskirts of the magnificent West Lake. It is a unique alternative to small hotel rooms in the city with photos of her husband and artistic interior. Mia's house in the city is the perfect place. It is also close to the main attractions, including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

The Northern Highland

In the foggy northern corridor there are terraced rice fields, beautiful tribal settlements and nightly trains in Hanoi, where you can see calm mountain trails. However, due to the explosion of tourists and the lack of regulations, peace and quiet in the famous area of Sapa has become more difficult than before. For those who want to get a more authentic experience after completing a trip to this magical corner of Vietnam you have the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains or to gain local experience. Or you can sit on the balcony and watch the fertile valley.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh Residents still use their old name Saigon. But this is the only old school in the center of the southern metropolitan city. Large investments led to the emergence of a whole series of new skyscrapers kissing in the sky, and massive roads attracted people to the city. Slick Le Loi has luxury hotels and bars. In addition to these modern advantages, there is much confusion around the Ben Thanh market. This hotel,located on a pedestrian street and accessible from the best restaurants in Saigon, is the ideal place to stay for a local resident.


Hue was the capital of Vietnam, with its majestic fortress walls until 1945, and Hue is home to the fiercest battle in the American war. There is beauty in this city. Wednesday is more beautiful. Huynh House offers two double bedrooms and is just 5 minutes by bus from the city center. Bike rental services also make it easy to get around quiet streets and return to the center of the event.


Danang symbolizes the impetuous path of Vietnam. A number of beautiful golf course sand beach resorts, as well as the city itself, have been conquered by first-class hotels and bars. But this does not mean that it is only for advanced amateurs and advanced commercials. Kitty's parents and two brothers opened a center for visitors from around the world. With world-class amenities, easy access to the Han River, bridges and beaches, this is a great alternative in an expensive place in recent years. You can order your favorite street restaurant on the road through free Vietnamese lessons.

Hai Phong

Laid back Hai Phong is easily overlooked by people traveling from Hanoi to the majestic Halong Bay. This port city has a pleasant and cool atmosphere, preserving the beauty of the area thanks to several cafesselling the strongest and delicious coffee in Vietnam. The best beaches in northern Vietnam are also available. This charming house, surrounded by lush gardens, has 2 comfortable bedrooms and a game room for those who want to stay at home and relax. This is the perfect antidote for non-individual hotel rooms.

Southern Coast of Vietnam

The long sandy beaches on the southern coast of Vietnam are undoubtedly the best in Southeast Asia to easily compete with the Thais. The southern resort of Mui Ne became a place where tourists can descend from Hanoi to the north and south to Ho Chi Minh. It is easy to understand why there are blue waters and red and white sand dunes that resemble the Sahara Desert. Nguyen, on the street of the hotel and bar, has two clean, modern design double rooms. Since this is not the main attraction, local restaurants and cafes are much more authentic.

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