If I ask you how much you care and think of your kitchen faucets then it might sound weird to you. Why would anyone think about the faucets? But take a moment and see how much you and your family are dependent on the faucets, be it washing and rinsing, preparing meals, and much more. So, why not get the best product, which is not just perfect quality wise but also looks great in your modern kitchen. Choosing the right one can be a little tough with lots of brands, styles, and features available in the market. Here are few kitchen faucets you can have look https://kitchenguyd.com/types-of-kitchen-faucets/. Thus, we come up with the best kitchen faucet for 2019. Let’s have a look.


WEWE Kitchen Faucet

This one comes with an attractive tulip design and goes perfectly with any kitchen décor. The pull out offers a three-way spray feature that includes shower, stream, and pause.

The pause feature is absolutely superb and is generally not found in faucets in this price range. The best part about the faucet is that it is the all-in-one pre-assembled construction so you can install it yourself with just two tools and too that in half an hour. The faucet gives a beautiful rust-resistant finish and the quick retract hose system makes it the right fit for your kitchen.


  • Quick and easy-to-install.
  • The retract hose system pulls your faucet back into place and you need not to worry about jamming.


  • The faucet drips a bit in the pause mode.
  • Comes with a limited warranty period.

VAPSINT Kitchen Sink Faucet

This simple brushed stainless steel faucet looks really good and is absolutely easy-to-use, thanks to its single one handle control. The faucet has a classic inverted U gooseneck that gives enough room for the largest pile of vases and utensils. Also, the brushed nickel finishes are laid over solid brass that promises a lifetime performance guarantee. And the faucet is even available in brushed steel.


  • The faucet is absolutely stylish and looks good and is known for its dependable and long-lasting feature.
  • It comes with 100” ceramic disc valve for a number of uses and smooth operation.
  • The faucet can fit into old as well as new style water supply connectors because of its ½” hose adaptors included.


  • The installation process can be a bit difficult because of the weird instruction sheet.
  • One needs to install a separate spray.

Comllen Kitchen Faucet

This one is a single hole faucet that looks really amazing with any type of natural stone, composite granite sinks, or stainless steel. If your sink is not installed for a single hole faucet, you need to buy a decorative base plate separately as it is not included in it. But that gives you a choice to pick the matching base plate to your skin or faucet. The faucet is available in chrome version and has two height options.


  • Doesn’t need any additional adapters and can easily fit both old style and new style water supply connector.
  • It comes with pull out sprayer that provides you with both spray and stream functions.
  • Comes with a ceramic disc control valve that gives you a smooth and drip-free performance.


  • It doesn’t come with the decorative base plate in order to cover those unneeded sink holes.
  • Though the connector system is easy to install you need to you need to be careful because it can leak a little.

Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet

If you have a smaller sink then this one can be the right choice for you. The faucet comes with a unique spray system that is able to give you 50% more power than any other Moen product. Also, the spot free finish effectively combats water spots and fingerprints. This one is easy-to-install and comes with decorative base plate so that you can use with both single and triple holes sink.


  • The stainless steel finish works amazingly than any other coated finishes.
  • Comes with the power spray technology that is not found in most Moen products.


  • It comes with a limited warranty period that doesn’t cover the docking system.
  • Getting the right temperature and pressure can be a bit tough task.

Published by Inder Chauhan