Sleeping in the stomach is a very unique position, and it constitutes to only about 7% of sleepers. Many experts are of the opinion that this position can lead to many health issues. That is mainly because the entire body weight is on the stomach and that piles pressure on the spine. Stomach sleepers trade comfort for unhealthy sleeping, but they have the advantage of instantly falling to sleep. The best mattress to buy to sleep in that position is the one that reduces the pressure on the spine. While mattress shopping ensures that you buy beds that can help sleep well and reduce pain. Here are some of the key features that one should consider in a bed mattress online or in shops.

Neck And Spine Support: It is crucial for a stomach sleeper to get ample support for the neck and spine due to the position they sleep. Sleeping on the stomach causes a lot of strain on the spine, and thus it is essential to find a mattress that provides consistent support and keeps the alignment intact.

Medium Firm: Due to sleeping on the stomach there is a space between the body and the mattress, and hence the bed you buy should have the needed firmness to support the sleep position. A WakeFit mattress that is of medium firmness will ensure that the body does not sink into it. It helps in keeping the neck and spine alignment intact and also reduces the chances of back pain.

Adjust To Your Body Contour: The best mattress India is the one that adjusts to the body contour of the stomach sleeper and relives the tension from the pressure points. It should enable the spine to remain natural and also provide support to the body. Since the entire front part of the body is on the mattress, it is best to consider buying one with some cooling effect. Hybrid and innerspring mattress ensure that the heat does not get trapped when compared to foam mattresses.

Types Of Mattress

The below kind of mattresses provides excellent support and also the perfect firmness.

  • Poly and memory foam mattresses: It is a combination of layers of foam which offers both comfort and support. Offers medium firmness and has cooling technology which suits stomach sleepers. The memory foam allows the mattress to get back to its original form and is elastic. Adjusts to the body contour and relieves pressure points.

  • Innerspring: Is made of the coil and layered with foam. The thickness of the coil varies and the thinner the coil the better it is as it can adjust to the body contours. The comfort layers should be thin so that it does not sink. The major disadvantage is that the over a period the support breaks down.

  • Hybrid: Is made of both foam and coil. Coil provides excellent support to the body, while the foam adds comfort. Has memory foam and offers medium firmness which is good for stomach sleepers. The support from the mattress reduces as it ages.

Stomach sleeping is not a sleeping position that is highly recommended as it can lead to severe back and neck problems. But if you still want to persist in this position you can use a pillow under your hips, keep your legs straight and splay them just a little bit so that the spine alignment is not altered, sleep without a head pillow as your neck angle will not be awkward.

There are pillows specially designed for stomach sleepers if you want to use a pillow to sleep. There are many options for bed mattress online and in stores that will ensure you sleep with great comfort and with no risk of misalignment.


Published by Samantha Brown