Have you tried your luck with Mass Effect: Andromeda? How was your experience?

The game gathers full marks when it comes to weapons. Since this is an action-packed game, users are expected to be riled up to finish it quickly.

However, there have been reports that the game faced technical issues and this is a major letdown for hardcore fans of Mass Effect.

Nevertheless, it has been claimed to be a better version compared to the ones released in the past.

Weapons are what make this game enticing. Ranging from rifles, grenade launchers, weapons crafted by you and of course, our favorites, shotguns you are provided with a ton of them to choose from.

Shotguns are ideal to annihilate foes that approach you in massive quantities. A sniper or a rifle just won’t work if you’re upfront with a horde of enemies. Shotguns deal heavy amounts of damage and cause injury to nearby enemies, hitting two birds with one stone!

We’re going to discuss the best shotgun mass effect andromeda has. This article will make you reveal to you the true shotguns that deserve a shoutout. 


1. Dhan Shotgun V

Wondering why this shotgun is at the top? Dhan is above your tiny-sized shotguns. It destroys enemies in seconds since it fires a group of projectiles to blast anyone in your path away for good.

This mid-range shotgun can come in handy several times in combat and on top of this, the final version of this shotgun is on a tier of its own.


2. Ruzad Shotgun V

Although this gun fires slow and has a low-capacity, you shouldn’t take it lightly considering it has 562 damage points, making it a powerhouse that’s not to be messed with.

End tough, health bearing enemies in this game by using Ruzad. This shotgun also carries a stagger for added convenience.


3. Reegar Carbine Shotgun

Are enemy shields annoying you? Fret not, just use Reegar to shatter pesky shields quickly.

Your foes can rely on shields to protect themselves but with this shotgun by your side, you can make them vulnerable to heavy amounts of damage in less than a second!

Reegar fires electric blasts and not only does it affect the enemy up ahead but the ones standing nearby get caught in the explosion too. This isn’t your standard shotgun, so use those blasts carefully.


4. N7 Piranha

Fire automated rounds at short-range and since it’s engineered by the Bradford Group, you can safely say it’s one of the best shotgun you’ll find out there.

However, the trade-off may be the deciding factor in some situations. Be prepared if your enemies are at a distance since N7 Piranha might not make it far, its accuracy is greatly reduced in long distance.

Make sure you have the right substitute just in case.


5. N7 Crusader

Looking for a shotgun with better accuracy? The N7 Crusader will fire thick projectiles at your command!

Make sure you hit them by force and precision, since every bullet counts, you don’t want to reload in the face of an enemy. Right?

N7 Crusader is the pick of many gamers since it gives you the benefit of using a shotgun and that edge, by having greater accuracy than most shotguns in the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a plethora of weapons at your disposal. Shotguns are preferred because they provide quick results. It is argued that rifles are the best but snipers get the most accurate shots out of the lot.

Snipers, rifles or any other weapon, shotguns often lend you assistance in difficult situations. Use them to blast your enemies away in bits and pieces.


Published by Syed Mohammad Anwer