One day she received
That thing she had so long dreamed
A ring so precious
So simple yet so glamorous

Her heart was filled with happiness
Like a bird that had built its nest
She grabbed it, rattling in excitement
But what rushed into her was disappointment

Her precious “wish come true”
Doesn’t fit where she want it to
Tried every finger of her delicate hand
She failed, “But it’s the best thing I’ve ever had”
These words her broken heart had uttered

Lifting herself up, she decided
“Wear it I can’t, I’ll just keep it instead”
She kept it in the safest place
But she still ended up in a chase

The ring she truly treasure
“Here I put it I’m sure.
I can’t lose you my ‘wish come true’
For I have waited so long to have you”

In the whole place, she searched
There was no ring, she had found
She’s losing her hope eventually
She’s already tired actually

Later on she realized,
“If it was meant for me,
It’ll be back to me.
I tried but I think,
That ring isn’t really for me”

“I wanted it and it was given.
But no name on it was written.
Like a meal not for me, I have eaten
Maybe I don’t deserve it, that’s why it was taken”

“What’s the sense of keeping it?
In any of my fingers does it fit?
For someone else maybe it’s perfect
My own desire, maybe I should neglect”

Life sometimes offer you
Things that aren’t actually for you
It sucks? Yeah that truth I knew
How life gives you food you can’t chew

Learn to give things up
Learn to say “those pain are enough”
Coz sometimes as you try, it would hurt you more
And also, you may hurt them more
Forcing them to stay with you
When actually they’re better off without you

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Published by Quenee Austria