Many of us long to add pretty braids to our look but do not like to sit for hours to get them done by somebody. Fortunately, the procedure of getting beautiful braids need not always be troublesome. Here, we present a guide to help you get your dream braids done in a less-inconvenient and time-saving way.

Why Crochet Braids should be your next hairstyle

One of the top methods to try instead of getting the traditional braids done by hand is Crochet Braids. This style works great all through the year and there are some good reasons to try them for the next protective hair style. Some of the top reasons include:

1. Inexpensive

Crochet braids are far more budget-friendly as compared to sew-in weaves. The main reason for saving the cost is that you install them by yourself. Synthetic hair is generally used for installation of crochet braid and this is quite affordable than human hair. One can find high quality yet synthetic hair for crochet braids at affordable prices at DHGate online.

2. Versatile

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to crochet braid hair styles. It is possible to install hair of any texture and length. And because it allows concealing the natural hair completely, there is no need to worry about matching the texture or color. Crochet braids offer an amazing way to try different cuts, colors and styles without undergoing any permanent condition. You can experiment with new things like faux locks and short hair styles.

3. Easy to Install

Crochet braids are pretty simple to install. Extensions are made to the original hair with the help of a latch hook and no thread or glue is used. You can take help from YouTube that hosts lots of tutorials on this procedure. Installing a crochet braid can take from 4 to 6 hours and this is quite faster than any twist, sew-in or box braid. And the best thing is that you need not spend on getting them installed by professionals. It can be done as a total DIY hairstyle.

How to Install Crochet Braids

Things you will need:

5-6 pieces of fiber hair extension. This depends on the length of the hair and size of the head. Longer the hair and bigger the head, more extensions needed.? Crochet needle (available at beauty stores or DHGate)? Scissors? Comb? Moisturizer and sealantHere is our step by steps shows how you can get amazing crochet braids.1. Wash the hair with shampoo and use a conditioner to hydrate it before braiding the hair.2. To make things simple, braid the cornrows from front to back. Big cornrows would result in smaller volume of the hair.3. Tuck the ends together by collecting them in the form of a cornrow.4. The next step is to prepare the fiber. Make sure that all the strands of extensions you select have the same size. This would maintain the evenness.5. Take the latch, open it and insert the extension.6. Begin from the top of the scalp and proceed downwards.7. Close the latch and get the needle under the natural hair.8. Pull out the needle from the other side to make a round loop on the fiber using your hands.9. Get the fiber through the loop and pass it through the tail of the fiber.10. Make the fiber secure by pulling the tail and tightening it. Ensure that the braids are neither too thick nor too big so as to stay away from any stress on the head. Repeat this step until the hair is completed.11. To make the braids look more original, leave a line on the front of the head and braid in a normal fashion. Alternatively, add some versatility to the hairstyle by leaving some hair that show popping edges.12. Keep your hair safe by spraying some conditioner. Use a fiber with a texture similar to your natural hair to get a even look.

How to Remove Crochet Braids

1. Cut the fiber at the nearest possible point to the knots. Stand in front of a mirror to make sure that you do not end up cutting your natural hair.2. Use a moisturizer spray on the hair to give some slip to the hair so that it is easier to remove it.3. Once you remove the extensions, you can unravel the cornrows to get the knots fall off on their own.

How to Maintain Your Crochet Braids

1. You Should DO

• Clean the hair on a weekly basis. It is not easy to reach the scalp and cotton balls dipped in water-diluted apple cider vinegar can be used to massage the scalp.WARNING: Do this when you are home for the whole day because apple cider vinegar has an intense smell.• Clean the fiber extensions and see that you use the products depending on the texture of your hair.• Moisturize the hair on a regular basis by spraying leave on conditioner and use good quality oil to keep the hair hydrated.• Use a satin bonnet to cover the crochet braids before sleeping. You can even use satin or silk pillows.• Play around with various colors and styles with the braids. Adding an entirely new dimension to your appearance is fun.

Find more information about maintenance of your crochet braids here.

2. You Should DON’T

• Keep the braids for more than eight weeks. It is necessary that the hair gets properly detangled. If they are not taken care of for too long, the hair can turn vulnerable to damage and may break off.• Use heavy braids. The strain and stress caused to the strands can give rise to breakage.• Apply crochet braids too tight. Extremely tight braids can put mechanical stress on your hair and pose threat to the hair health.• Scratch the hair. Putting your fingers into the hair can cause cuts and scrapes on the scalp and even give rise to bleeding. Such a condition can expose your head to infections.

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