The armed forces enjoy being the only group that consists of individuals who willfully volunteer to protect and die for their country, and the millions of people who make it a country. These soldiers don’t personally know all the people they’re protecting, which makes their sacrifice all the more noteworthy. It’s no wonder so many choose to buy apparel with military references to show their support.

You could be a former sailor looking for a US Navy store to buy gear and apparel for veterans you may know or for yourself maybe. Perhaps you’re looking for some new designs to show your support to your fellow servicemen. Today, we’ll help you with a few different types of designs you can try for yourself or gift to a fellow veteran depending on your service record or theirs.


You can never go wrong with a classic. This is one of the most common designs available in the market. You’ll find either color or black-and-white American flag with “ARMY”, “AIR FORCE”, or “NAVY” written on the bottom. It’s simple, to the point, and gets the full message across without having too much. A perfect choice for those who have simpler tastes and prefer to be understated rather than loud.


Not only do medals signify the sacrifice made by our soldiers, but they also look really cool! You’ll find a lot of people with the Medal of Honor posted on the front of their t-shirt. You can show your solidarity for those who distinguished themselves with acts of utmost bravery and valor in the field. With so many medals across the three military branches, you’re bound to find a design that you’ll like. Some t-shirts might even have artwork along with the medals allowing for more color and design.


Not only will it look cool to have your rank insignia on your t-shirt, but it could also be highly functional. If you’re at a memorial day veteran’s BBQ, it’s the perfect piece of clothing to throw on. You can let everyone know your service history and rank, all in the comfort a cotton t-shirt. It’s also a great gift to buy for a loved one who has a service record and with all the different military rank insignia, you have enough options to buy from if you’re buying for yourself and want to show support.


Not only do the three main branches of the military (army, air force, and navy) have their own motto, but you also have mottos for different sub-branches such as the Marines and SEALS. T-shirts with these mottos, in different fonts and colors, are a great piece of apparel to show solidarity and support. While having just a quotation might be subtle in comparison to medals or rank insignia, the level of respect is not compromised.


You’re also bound to find artwork t-shirts that pay tribute to the armed forces. This may be a combination of images, quotations, and medals or just a graphic that simply references the sacrifice made by soldiers in a certain war. If you’re more on the artistic side, this will be a perfect fit for you!


Published by Charlesa Gibson