Most of us look for ways to make money online, there are hundreds of website that speaks about earning money online. Whereas a few websites ask to invest money before you can make money online and perhaps most of them come out to be fraud. Despite the caution or else that end up losing your hard earned money should be taken care of.

However, it is hard to find the way via which you can make money online with or without investment. We have come up with a list of website that you can consider and earn money online. Even you can earn as much money by working so the sky is the limit for them. It might sound unbelievable but it’s not hard either. Making money online is not a day work it can take months to reach that magic figure. Although achievement is a big success and we’re all hoping to make a better future for our self through earning money online.

Before, you hop on for online jobs, let me tell you that these jobs or online earning solutions and completely legit in India. Let’s head toward the best way to make money online websites.


What makes the platform interesting is the popularity and host of tasks that it incorporates at a cost of US$5 to complete. Are you a logo designer or a writer, perhaps a translator work can be done for $5. Additional value-added services cost more. The platform is visited by lots of freelancers working from home earning a decent money with complete flexibility of work and task that takes a few minutes to complete is naturally the best solution for everyone.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

mTurk is basically a marketplace where you see lots of peoples such as freelancers and developers work together to work for a business. Most business requires thousands of peoples on daily basis for small to medium-sized work. The marketplace is where you see people post their requirement and the amount of money they are going to pay for a job. Well, it varies from job to job and the time spent on completion of the project. Doing this you can earn more than 10$ an hour daily or so.


Scripted has freelancers writers where they post their minimum requirement for the job. If you’re good enough to write fluent English and have creativity in you. You can earn more than Rs 1500 – Rs 60,000 a week. Also, Top writers from Scripted are appraised to earn more bid than others.


Truelancer is based in India that offers a marketplace for connecting clients with freelancers worldwide. The platform is safe and secure to start any job that you’re interested in. The most important thing that it does not have a particular time schedule to submit a single or multiple jobs you’re assigned with.

More than 50, 0000 freelancers are already working on the platform and making money online. If you’re interested in doing small jobs such as making sales copy, mobile app building and SEO you can do so by filtering out the requirements and pay to bid for the job.

Online Lottery:

You must be wondering why lotteries here? In our daily life, most of us spent money on the lottery but we hardly earn anything? Sometimes these online lottery websites are not good enough to read or download the result so we go unnoticed even if might have won anything. Lottery Sambad is based in India and you can play in every state without any difficulties. The website itself offers a great information center and provide results in PDF format which can be checked online using the website. Lottery Sambad is a trusted online lottery running for more than a decade now due to online check facility results updates are fast and better than any other lottery website.

Online market trading:

Trading platforms are good where you invest in stock markets and currencies is a great choice for every individual and that results in the best way to make money online for every individual. There are many sites in India that offer free practice accounts. This literally fetches you more money if you’re most of the learning curve and earn from different investment and companies. 

Published by Arina Smith