If you love to decorate your home then you have a clear vision of your dream home. Finding a house that perfectly matches your design preferences might not be possible at times but you can design your own home according to your dream home. With a little more than a sketchbook and some inspirational ideas, you can make your vision a reality. To design your home, start by creating a list of features like your windows or large kitchens. Then, sketch any draft of the floor plan that includes all your facilities. You can use 3-D imaging software for designing your home design using your computer. Once you are happy with the design, reach out to the architects so that they can turn your vision into reality. For more tips, like from where you can shop rug or decorative accessories, read below-

1) Take inspiration: Before drawing a line, figure out what type of house do you want to live in. The initial steps of the design process are not about building materials but how you define your wishes. Buying some home architecture photobook or home design magazines from bookstores may be a great way to change your ideas. You will get a good overview of the current design trends with fashionable styles in the last decades or are now catching in other parts of the country. When you see a house that catches your eye, take your camera and shoot it with as many angles as possible. 

2) Decide your budget: Instead of starting with the question, "Ask yourself that how much you can really afford to make house of your dreams the way you want". This will give you a more realistic shape and in clear mind vision. A clear budget will be your main guiding force in the forthcoming design process. 

3) Right place to buy rug: In home decoration, a handmade carpet is the most exclusive and expensive item. It is something which collects memory and can be used over years. It is 100% woven by hand and takes many months to weave. There are many companies which sell artificial machine made carpet as handmade carpet. So, find out a carpet store which is genuine. You can also buy a handmade rug online. You can prefer Rugs and Beyond for exclusive handmade carpets. Rugs and Beyond has a beautiful and a huge collection of all types of handmade rug. They provide beautiful carpets at huge discounts. This is the best time to buy handmade carpet from Rugs and Beyond because they provide up to 50% off due to LaborDay. So don’t be late and hurry up. 

4) Decorate Your Home: Take a large mirror if you have a small space. It will show your space as a large one. Take extra pillows and put on your sofa. You can buy exclusive handmade paintings for your home adds it to the wall. Buy some beautiful vase and add fresh flowers on it. Curtains or blind is also an important part of a home decoration. So select it according to your handmade rug because you can replace or buy it new but buying a handmade area rug is a difficult task. 

Follow the above tips and design your own home which reflects your living style.


Published by Karen Anthony