Handmade rugs and carpets are the real foundation of a decorative room. It is the main focal point which is created by putting this at the right place. Handmade Persian carpet is made in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. It has been started about more than thousand years ago by refugees. They used it for covering and protect themselves from cold and hot weather. They have taken inspirations from Nature and their living styles. Persian rugs are made in traditional style and it has been originated from Persia. It is woven mostly in Kashan, Bidjar design pattern. In kashan design, the surface contains diamond or medallion pattern in the centre of carpet and ground of the rug filled with tiny motifs and in Bidjar pattern, the Centre contains diamond pattern in centre and the ground in also contains second large diamond pattern. Remaining part is filled with tiny designs. Persian rugs are long lasting, elegant and give your home a unique look. Due to its high prices and designs, many people think how they should place the furniture. If you have just bought an Oriental rug, here's a guide how to keep furniture:


Don’t put your heavy furniture on carpet:To avoid damage to your rug, you should make sure that heavy part of furniture doesn’t touch the centre of the carpet. You should put a heavy sofa on the edges of the rug, but it should not be on the main part of rug. If you have to keep heavy furniture on the rug, you should keep padding under the rug to absorb compression due to heavy furniture. To prevent your rug from slipping on the floor, you should go for rug padding but in most of the cases, handmade Persian rug is non-slippery.


Show the pattern: Handmade Persian rugs contain “One of a kind” design pattern which reflects the living style and craftsmanship of those people. Design and pattern is the most important thing in terms of a handmade carpet. It reflects the intricacy of craftsmanship. So never put your heavy furniture on it otherwise it will hide the design pattern. In case, if you want to put a table on it then takes a transparent table so that you can show the design of carpet. The best way to go about it is to arrange furniture around the edges.

Don’t mix and match: A Persian rug looks elegant and should be the centre of a room. To avoid mix and matching, you should buy furniture which contains simple design. You should avoid furniture with lots of patterns and decorations. Apart from this, you should leave enough space so that anyone can take see the carpet and also can feel by sitting and walking on it. If you add furniture which contains multi-color and wall in bold color then it may overwhelm your rug. If you keep the things simple around the rug then it works like a focal point and you can show the style of yours. 

So, follow the above ideas to place a Persian rug into your room in a perfect way.


Published by Karen Anthony