Due to these stressful times, it’s very difficult to find peace even in the comfort of your own home. This is why it’s very important to do whatever you can to make your home a safe haven, where you can constantly relax, enjoy, and stay in the Zen mode. But let’s focus on the important first – what does “Zen” mean? In Japanese culture, Zen is meditation, while in interior design it reflects harmony, balance and relaxation. Even though Zen is not particularly a design style, there are a couple of things that you can do to Zen out your space:

Earthy colours

If you want to make your home more Zen, you need to pay attention to the color palette. A Zen-inspired interior design features natural colors in soft tones. This is why going for white, grey, lighter shades of beige and pink beige is the best possible option, as these colors will result in a better sense of relaxation and calmness. If you want to be bolder you can always combine a dominant color with some object around the house or even textured textiles. Make sure to do a research about the colors that complement each other and play with hues and nuances.

Quality furniture

Speaking of furniture, make sure to choose each piece wisely. Having high-quality furniture is always quite important as it will furthermore affect your mood and, in the long run, health. Saving on furniture has never been a smart option, especially because cheap pieces will last for a shorter period of time. This is why opting for good companies, such as the great King Living furniture is always a safe option. Once again, pay attention to the color of your furniture – you want something that will match well with the rest of your home. Since the color of the furniture will furthermore dictate the colors of the carpets and object, it would be a great idea to choose furniture pieces in warm, earthy colors.

Softness under your feet

What’s under your feet is equally important. The best possible option is to have parquet as it’s always the safest option, and the wooden colour will definitely affect the whole Zen style. You can also opt for white or greyish floor color. However, in order to enhance the atmosphere to the maximum, you need to incorporate some carpets in your living room and bedroom. Wool carpets are best for this occasion as they provide a great sense of comfort; however, they require a lot of maintenance. Finally, pay attention to the color of your carpet as it should match the color of the floor or the furniture.

Your own personal jungle

You simply cannot be Zen enough if you don’t implement plenty of plants into your home. Having your small jungle in the corner of the living room, or plenty of small plants scattered all around your home is an excellent idea. You don’t have to choose plants that require a lot of maintenance – if you don’t have a green finger, they will eventually die out which is never a good thing. Opt for either plants that require no maintenance whatsoever (such as the beautiful zamia that you will have to water only once or twice a month) or with high-quality artificial plant (even though this is not particularly a popular choice, but you can find instances of artificial plants that look quite realistic).

Light matters

What’s also important is that you have plenty of natural light and that your home is generally a light one. However, since you cannot change this fact if you simply don’t have a lot of natural light, the best solution is to incorporate lamps and lighting that will resemble natural light as much as they can. You can also go with nature-inspired or candle lights. Avoid strong direct light from the ceiling – this is very passé and there are other great possibilities that you could add to the mix. Finally, make sure to have wall-mounted reading light in your bedroom as this is the most practical choice.

Natural Scents

The scent of your home can also affect your mood tremendously. This is why you should always choose natural scents, such as homemade linen sprays or candles that have a soothing scent. Essential oils are also a great option and they can be quite calming. To sum up, having a Zen home will certainly affect your mood, health, energy and productivity. Get rid of any clutter, keep your home minimal, green and comfy and you will see the difference.


Published by Emma Lawson