Western dresses for women is a large category in itself where we need to deep dive to know more. Over the years, there has been a lot of evolution in this as well. Casual dresses specially can be worn for everyday use, yet these are stylish and trendy. It is a hot selling cake when comes to online shopping portals or physical stores. Women across the globe have been deeply influenced by this western culture and have adopted it gracefully. With these have come a wide range of dresses which have evolved over the years. We’ve put together some of the common types of casual western dresses for you to go ahead see which ones are in your closet and which ones you need to buy soon-

Bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are meant to flaunt your killer body shape. They hug the figure like your second skin and give a sassy silhouette. These are available in different lengths and patterns. They look best when teamed up with stilettos. Give a great look to your figure with body con dresses available across the stores and online. These are usually preferred in the summers to bring more comfort. When comes to the material, these are mostly blended with polyester and lycra adding some weight and lining. The perfect body con boasts a cut which is specially designed to highlight the perfect shape. These are meant to be a statement of self esteem and confidence.

High low dresses

High low dresses have got their origin from asymmetrical patterns dresses.They are short from the front and lower from behind. Made of light fabric, these dresses give a breezy look. They suit best with block heels. They can be worn as a casual wear anytime.  These have originated from the Victorian era when there was a fishtail hemline.


Jumpsuits have long been famous since the early 80s. These are head-to-toe one piece garments which are the pant and top combo.They are the perfect looking clothes and there are a lot of options available where you can buy western jumpsuits for women. Be it casual wear, paty look or corporate feel, suit it to the need. Jumpsuits may be palazzo style, crepe or rayon, long or short. Jumpsuits which have a perfect fit near the waist but are loose near the arms or legs are supposed to be the best and recommended ones. These are out-of-the-box dressing which can catch people’s eyes easily giving you additional points when comes to fashion sense. You can also pair these with blazers or jackets to give an elegant look. Jumpsuits with a flare in the lower body go perfect with high heels.

Backless Dresses

Flaunt your sexy back with backless dresses. These are available with a lot of variations. Go for black to give you a killer look. Else, choose from short or long backless dresses to suit the occasion for casual wear. Try not to wear too many accessories when you’re choosing to wear a backless dress. Go for a simple pendant or metallic band to pair with your dress. Also, be careful while selecting the kind of lingerie you want to wear with backless. It should go with the look and not bring about any kind of wardrobe malfunction. Full sleeves suit well with these kind of dresses. Try not to go for cap sleeves or half sleeves. Spaghetti sleeves or extremely thin sleeves also suit well.


Shirt dress or T-shirt dress go with most of the occasions. These can be worn as it is or coupled with a pair of leggings or jeans, if needed. They are simple yet classy, available in pure cotton or viscose material.

Dungaree Dress

Dungaree dresses are a blend of pant and top styles. These give a chic yet sporty look and can be worn with a pair of sneakers and printed socks.You can choose to wear either long or short dungarees. These give a bold but cute look to your style. In summers, you can rock the dungaree look with a thin cotton vest inside. At other times, you can style it with a pair of boots giving it a smart look.

A-line Dresses

A-line are the evergreen type of dresses to sport a casual look. One doesn’t need to think much while picking up an A-line dress. These look pretty in every girl who wears it. They fit with the natural waist shape and gradually widen as they go lower. They are meant to suit every occasion and complement of everyone. They’ve been named so because they give a look of letter A when worn. Wearing minimal makeup with these dresses will highlight the casual look of an A-line dress.

Off-shoulder Dress

If your shoulders are the highlight of your body type, don’t think twice for selecting an off-shoulder dress. These dresses have been slaying the chic look in women and girls since forever. You need to select your innerwear wisely while wearing off-shoulder dresses so that they go well with this type of dress.

Empire Dress

Empire dresses have high waistline which are just below the bust line and they are flowy below. They give an easy breezy feeling but hold the bust tight. These enhance the curves of the upper body. Empire dresses look best on ones having a pear shaped body. They are perfect for casual wear and are easily available all across the globe.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dress is a universal perfect dress for women with any body shape. These have gained fame since the early 70s. When having a V-neckline, wrap dresses look the best. For those having a smaller torso, wrap dresses with a deep plunging neckline go well. Wrap dress enhances the bust and the neckline and perfectly fits the curves of a woman’s body. These are perfect for any occasion, can be worn anytime. Teaming these up with denim jackets and sandals are perfect for any kind of weekend getaway. These are mostly available in fabrics like cotton and silk.

Published by Inder Singh