So this is my very first shout out to my blog.. I already promised y"all to not blabber too much so I'm just gonna keep it simple... is Modest Fashion Blog for the Muslim(and non Muslim of course) woman... It is just simply a blog where I talk about modest fashion Styles, Tips and Tricks to dressing to slay while still being completely modest.. It's also to enlighten fellow muslimahs about how beautiful and wonderful "A covered pearl" is and how to be this pearl in your society with confidence, with pride and with not having to worry about a thing in the world.. Trust me, you should go check it out and see what I mean...I'm also looking for as many reviews as possible so I'd know if I'm making my own little impact to the world.. You can read more on this link Remember, the main site is ,Love♥♥♥ Khayrah

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