Time has changed. Definitely. People, too. I’m not confused or disappointed. I’m just afraid step into rabbit hole. When I wrote my BEAUTY REVIEW for magazine “GloriaIN” two years ago with Rick Owens Mayans Beauty Goddess, everybody was like I’m pushing trough the walls. Only I and God were aware what I have been doing. And “Vogue” read here. And people who created video for singer Banks – they covered her body with gold….beautiful….

Why you so afraid?
I can see you waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Withering away
I can see you dying, dying, dead, dying, dying
Why? Why?
Baby see

I can love you better than she, yeah
(Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can love you better than she can
(Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

How couldn’t you see?
All the water’s cold, cold, cold, cold, cold
While you lied to me
You hide in a hole, hole, hole, hole, hole
And why don’t you see?
Yeah, baby try
Try to see
Yeah, try, yeah

Published by Slavica Damnjanović