Tonight I had to go to a work meeting with a mandatory dinner afterward.

It was a good night. Good restaurant. Good food. Good to laugh and talk with a colorful group of girls.

But as I listened to the different conversations, I couldn't help thinking, "I wouldn't trade my life with Christ for anything."

I listened as one girl talked about a party she was going to after dinner and how she was planning to "get lit."

And I listened as one of the girls told me she was proud of me for not having sex until marriage.
I listened as she told me that she had planned and wanted to do the same, but then she got drunk one night and ended up losing her virginity without really knowing it was happening.

As I listened to these stories, I just kept thinking, "I wouldn't change a thing. I would never trade my life with Christ for a 'normal' life."

Even if I could change the hard times, the mistakes, and the tragedies of my life, I wouldn't, because then I wouldn't be where I am today.

It has taken every struggle and every uphill climb to get me to God. And there's nothing worth more to me than just one day in His presence.

I wouldn't take back dumb teenage mistakes, although I do have regrets. I wouldn't take back harsh words, although I do have scars. I wouldn't even trade the loss of my parents, although I love and miss them more than ever.

If it came down to changing everything but missing God or leaving things the way the are, I would have to take the road I know, because it has led me into the arms of my loving Father.

If I can just have one day, one moment, with my Savior, it is worth a thousand days of agonizing pain.

THAT is how good and amazing Jesus really is. In just one swift moment, He can turn a lifetime of pain into a love song of praise.

Once you meet Jesus, you realize that if it means getting you here, to THIS moment, you wouldn't change a thing.


"There is nothing worth more that could every come close. Nothing can compare, You're our living hope... Your presence, Lord. ♡"

Published by Bethany Boynton