I wake up to the sound of my alarm,

Eager to do something more than before,

Hoping I will do more work than I did yesterday,

To be better than I were yesterday


And this day passes and so does next,

Without realizing it, time passed away,

Like the sand slipping through my fingers,

And I realize how blind we are to the beauties of the world,

Busy in our world, engaged in our work


That we fail to notice the minute details of the day,

To hug our parents for everything they did,

To be carefree like when we were kids,

To thank others who help us,

Being away from the unnecessary fuss

To be grateful for who we are,

And smile radiantly like a shining star.


Now I wake up

Grateful for who I am,

Thankful for all that I have,

And now I know I truly am,

Better than I were yesterday.

Published by Srushti Patil