I struggle to wear beanies. Not because they are uncomfortable or anything but because they just DO NOT suit my head shape or face!

If you are anything like me then you know what I'm saying when I say I do not have a beanie head. This just look sloppy and weird and not cute at all!

However I do still have the issue that everyone else has in this dead cold winter, my head and ears are FREEZING, so I had to find an alternative option, and lets be real I am not wearing earmuffs!

Thats where my knitted headbands come in!

They are so cute and stylish while keeping my head and ears SUPER warm. They also flatten out my boofy hair and cover some pretty bad hair days. They also look super chic with a topknot or high ponytail!

My grey and white pearl beanies are just from Kmart - about $5 each, so super inexpensive, while my other two are from H&M and were about $7 each, so still really affordable options!

They are great with any outfit and real just don't make my head look funny - WIN!

What is your go-to winter headwear?

Thank you for reading

Love Always


Published by Jessica Louise