One of my biggest fears can be considered to some the worst, to some it is considered a nonexistent fear, yet, it is what haunts me during the long nights. 

I pray and hope, I don’t  ever become a number, a statistic, a victim. And even more, I despise to know I hold no power and saying in this. Hate to think that my unalienable rights as a woman and as a human being could, one day, be cruelly violated and taken away by one of my kind.

When did we become a  property, part of the herd, that can be exploited by another human being?

Why do people think it’s acceptable to use and immensely hurt one of their own for: pleasure, gain, and last but never least, power? Is it that we, the “civilized”, hold on strongly to the fetish of degradation? 

45.8 million people enslaved –

Why are there millions of – people – being harshly stripped away from their loved ones and souls everyday?

It hurts and haunts to know that this is real. It is the longest-lasting monster of our existence. This did not end when the abolition of slavery occurred. This did not end when one of the great wars ended. This is the great and real kraken of our “civilized” world. It has many tentacles that grow, keeps evolving, and keeps grasping victims.

Such impotency grows in me to know most of these victims may never hold their loved ones again after the kraken disposes of them. It is acceptable to think that not enough effort is being done. We worry about wars, political and social issues, but when we advocate for protection and rights not much is done for those souls. When we protest for rights, do we do so thinking about the victims as well? Hell, I could be one of those souls, any  individual can one day be one of these victims, and we rarely stop to think about it. We tend to blind ourselves, but does that mean that the problem will suddenly vanish and leave without a trace?  

Tell me, really: does it kill it? If so, this could be a useful tip for the characters of all horror movies!

This surpasses any horror urban legends we feared as a child. Surpasses the monsters underneath our beds and even the ones hidden inside our closets. The kraken lives in the streets we walk day and night, not in the depths of the ocean. The kraken is not a sea monster, the villain of a horror film, or mythical creature, it’s something that we, humans, built and it’s real. Our kind is what kills us, not a great monster of the sea, but individuals that walk in two legs and similate our looks.

Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of this is not for you to develop agoraphobia or anthropophobia. Please don’t. Yet, do please carry these words with you, hold on to them tight. Be informed, spread awareness, get involved, learn more about the kraken of our modern-day, there certainly are things we can do to help alleviate the problem. You tell me, how can we each help stop the kraken?


*This post previously appeared in my personal blog Simply.Fernanda.

Published by Fernanda Guevara