Write StuffThere's really nothing like going to the movies and being invigorated by the plot, the characters, the action sequences, and the romance. Movies do all they can to draw us in so we can live in this make-believe world for an hour or two. Hollywood spends a lot of money on making sure the films it produces brings forward the right actors, the best director, the able producer, and so many more people that make the movie seem like the spectacular feat that it is.

Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don't but after the show's done, you may find yourself still in awe, in laughter, perhaps even fear because the movie did more than just tell a story -- it led us to think deeper about things life. In much the same way, but way better than a film, God wants us to see the deeper principles all around us.

Join me as I chat with WPJC host of Dovetales, Deborah Lassiter as we discuss her debut release  Beyond the Face of the Movies and talk about what we should see beyond the buzz and excitement of a film as she takes biblical characters and Hollywood movies for a fun spin with a deeper tale. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download stitcher on your mobile device, Or click on the link here:   Tune in!

BTFOTMHave you ever wondered why after watching a movie you are left with a residue of emotions? Perhaps after the credits have rolled off your screen, you've experienced a sense of peace, empowerment, exhilaration, fear or maybe a better understanding of how to deal with a personal issue you've struggled with.
Watching a Hollywood movie can be a bit like a brain teaser such as the Rubin Face which leaves you searching for the optical illusion and wondering whether you see the young lady or the old woman.
Many times God challenges us to go deeper than the surface of the movie, in the hope that we will discover principles that can be gleaned from beneath the excitement and buzz of the film. By juxtaposing Hollywood movies and biblical characters, the author connects the dots for the reader so that they are guided through fundamental biblical truths in order to better understand and navigate through their own life challenges on a daily basis.
What does Bruce Almighty have in common with the biblical Samson? What is Prophet Jonah doing in the Wizard of Oz instead of going down to Nineveh? Find out in this fun and feisty easy-to-read book, and while you are at it–take the time to look beyond the surface of the movie and you will sense God speaking to you in encouraging, practical and at times convicting ways.

12301657_10153729943433904_2902947770770659200_nDeborah Lassiter is an author, playwright, radio host and student as well as founder of DCL Ministries, a ministry propelling all acts of kindness ,through the fruit of the Spirit, to those in need. This ministry is for all who are not just searching to do grand gestures of God’s love ,but understand that it is in the big, and also the small random acts that Jesus dwells too. We all can make a difference immediately in our daily lives, and by our acts of kindness we just might encourage others to do the same.

Published by Parker J Cole