Wow, BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Cheek Color has some serious pigment glamour babes, and I am hooked! This is yet another company I found through Instagram that I think is worth trying, especially if you love affordability and cruelty free makeup. BH Cosmetics also carries vegan products, hooray! Just click on the link, and from there you will see all the vegan friendly goods available to you. It's a win, win situation for us animal lovers! Sorry boys and gals, the Floral Blush Duos that I am about to review are not vegan, but BH has plenty of gorgeous options for you to try.

On with the review! 

BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Cheek Duos come in tones of pink, coral, berry, and bronze. And, at $5.50 a pop, which is currently the sale price on their site, I picked two out of the four; Caribbean Coral and Fiji Fun.
Caribbean Coral is a duo of pink and peach corals.

Fiji Fun is a duo of lively rich mauve's and berries. Each one has two complimentary shades, bright and deep. Swirl both shades together to create a vibrant multidimensional glow, or wear them separately for a healthy flush of color. The possibilities are endless!

The formulation is lightweight, silky smooth, finely milled (kick back dust alert), and have great pigmentation. The satin finish blushes apply evenly and easily producing no streaks or patchiness, making them super buildable and suitable for all skin tones when wanting a noticeable set of colorful cheeks. These blushes are just what I needed to bring color back into my complexion as the fall season transitions to winter. 
I use a very light hand with the Floral Blushes because of the high vibrancy. I gradually pick up color with my brush (BH Cosmetics Deluxe Fan Brush) as I begin applying, so I don't end up looking like an utter clown. I wish not to be apart of the Ringling Brothers Circus anytime soon, lol. 

The long lasting wear isn't bad either. These tropical inspired duos stay put for 9 hours if not longer. A girl's gotta wash her face at some point, lol. Pretty incredible for a $5 investment, right?! 

Sleek, portable, with a mirror, and magnetic closure.

 BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Cheek Duo compacts set the tone for paradise anytime, anywhere! 

Mai Tai anyone?!

Stay beautiful! Xo. 

Published by Samantha Malin