Hi everyone,  

This is my first article and I want to share with you my passion which is cooking.  I love to cook and share with you some execellent food I learned from friends and of course from my mother. 

I am NOT a vegetarian but this Bhindi Masala Gravy (Okra Masala Gravy) recipe is a hit in our family.  Paired with rice or naan bread and you don't really need meat!  This is one of my favorite vegetarian food.  

I was actually asked from a friend if I could prepare this during her 50th birthday for her vegetarian guests and surprisingly it was the first food which was dispatched and eaten up!

By the way, Okras are available in asian stores and they are very affordable. 

Here is the recipe video for you: https://youtu.be/SCOZk1ZcczE

Hope you will like it also...

Published by Luchelle Lammarck