Apart from news of various pro-Biafra groups calling for a sit-at-home today, to commemorate the declaration of the sovereign state of Biafra fifty-one years ago, what is disheartening to me is news of the reaction by state governors of Nigeria's Southeastern region, for it were better they said nothing, than for the only thing they had to say, to a directive that though didn't emanate from them (because of their lily-liveredness) yet calls attention to injustice done the Igbo in and by Nigeria, to reek abominably of antagonism towards even their own history. While some of them condemned the sit-at-home order by the aforementioned groups, Ebonyi's Governor, Dave Umahi whose state consistently runs behind on all human indices statistics in the southeast, sometimes at par with, or even lower than those of Nigeria's worst, in some states up North, went a bit further and shamefully, to threaten shop-owner's of forfeiture of their shops, should they decide to keep their shops under look and key for the period while the sit-at-home lasted, stating that "(Ebonyi) State was terribly marginalised during its days in the old Anambra, Enugu and Abia and was now making efforts to 'find its feet' ", as reason to turn his back on history, to insult the memory of the Igbo dead, as well as of the physically and psychologically injured. Not forgetting the stunting of growth, and denial of government presence suffered by the region, with the little progress made by previous governments to rehabilitate the hearts and minds of Easterners, rolled back by the present government at the centre with a mindset that suggests it might still be at war with the region, as glaringly and physically typified with the presence of heavily armed soldiers across Igboland, especially during this period, to forestall what they claim is a breakdown of law and order, by "unarmed", peaceful protesters, at a time other parts of Nigeria, specifically its North is being starved of much needed security personnel, to combat the evils of Boko Haram Islamic Fundamentalists (in the Northeast), Marauding Fulani Herdsmen Militia (in the Northcentral region), Armed Bandits (in Zamfara, even to Kaduna), Kidnappers and other forms of criminality bedevilling the North without reprieve, especially due to lack of initiative by those saddled with the responsibility of turning the tide security-wise. The fact that the "wrongly proscribed" non-violent, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB group (seeing as the same government that proscribed it, failed to apply same treatment to a marauding Fulani Herdsmen militia group etcetera etcetera, that's still killing and maiming Nigerians especially in the North), is among the various pro-Biafra groups, that called for the Igbo to sit-at-home in honour of their own who fell during the war that followed the declaration in 1967, doesn't invalidate the other unproscribed groups that added their voice, howbeit independently of the call by the former. It doesn't also invalidate the choice of the Igbo individual who decide either to sit-at-home, or engage in other activities to mark the anniversary of that auspicious moment of, and in Igbo history. Unfortunately, what the government, Federal and States alike, will only succeed in doing, with the issuing of threats, and going on to carry it out, is to further give the much needed awareness pro-Biafra groups would've ordinarily paid handsomely to media organisations to achieve, for free. This is because questions will be asked, and answers either right or wrong, related to Biafra will be provided. Biafra will trend online, sites like mine will be read, and they would've inadvertently kept alive the fire in the smolders they intended to extinguish in the first place. Regardless of whether the directive by these groups is heeded or not the Igbo populace, one thing remains self evident. That Biafra has long moved from the physical, to a state of mind. Even the Igbo child is mindful of these, and carries the badge of honour with pride anywhere s/he finds herself. This is one place, where no government coercion, or military power or the likes of options available to governments or those in power, that can be used to sway popular thought and opinion can breach, and the number of converts continue to exponentially grow. Interestingly, contrary to widely held views that the Biafran yearns to return home, and be insular as in the days following the declaration of the state fifty and one years ago, the opposite is the case amongst a larger number of the Igbo who continue to excel in the various fields of endeavour within and outside of Nigeria. The last thing they'd do is to limit themselves either by time and space, or even land, which is very scarce and limited in the homeland, as that would even negate the spirit of being Igbo, or the essence of Igboness. In essence, May the 30th cannot be wished away by fiat, or government decree, or coercion, or beatings, or incarcerations, or even shooting to death of peaceful and unarmed protesters. It's become like a birthday that an individual may decide for or against celebrating. It's now literally cast in the stone that's the heart of the Igbo, unfortunately the Igbo who for the sake of political correctness, because of fear or for some other reason best known to him/her, decide to career the wrong side of history against their own people, will be remembered when the full history of this journey is told in the days to come. Whether the directive to sit-at-home will be complied with today, and will be as successful as last years' ➡ http://madukovich.blogspot.com/2017/05/biafra-fifty-years-after.html?m=0, only time will tell, but as with many things in life, the fact that you don't see a thing doesn't mean it's not there, and movements become more potent when driven underground. I have just marked the anniversary of Igbo faithfully departed, owing to the events surrounding the statehood of Biafra today, in my own way. 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