Big Data has made its presence felt in almost all the leading industries of the world – whether its healthcare or education – big data is making waves everywhere. However, all this data is of no use at all, if you don’t have people skilled enough to properly analyze this data and present it in a way that can be of any help to your business house or an organization.

And this is where your skills as analyzing the data properly and presenting it in a clear crisp language will come to your aid.  So if you like playing with data – analyze and decipher what it is saying then going for a big data analytics is a good career choice and move for you.

Why you may ask? Well here’s the answer-

  1. Without the proper data analysation – the continuous streaming of data is useless for organizations.
  2. While it is important to able to comb and collect the data to create a pool, it is equally important to analyze it and use it to ensure organization’s success or in achieving the goals.

So while till some time back Data Science was being considered as one of the most lucrative career in big data industry, it is believed that big data analytics is another role that is gaining importance in business houses. As the industry insiders say that – there is no need for the constant streaming of data if you don’t have workforce equipped to analyze and present it in the way that anyone in the team can understand it and use to solve numerous issues within an organization.

So then how do you train for big data analytics? Well there are courses and then there are certifications in big data analytics that prepare you for the industry standards, tools and practices.

Certification in Big Data Analytics and Big Data Analytics Career

While certifications have always been the best way to ensure that you will have a leg-up in an interview, there are other specialized skills that were required to become a successful data analyst in the industry. Let’s have a look at those skills and then we will talk about data analytics certification.

Most of the time, data analysts like data scientists need master’s degree in the fields like science, engineering, mathematics, and even statistics at times. And interestingly there has been a positive surge in the academic programs in the last few years with a clear emphasis on data analytics as a core subject. You can also take advantage of these courses if you have a background in technical field like engineering, science, mathematics and statistics and get a focused education on business analytics.

And while you are gathering the required education to become a data analyst here are some of the skills needed for Data Analyst. You need to be well-versed with these computer software and tools including – scripting languages like MATLAB and Python.

Once you have the required skills you may like to go for certifications in big data analytics and here are the certifications you may consider

  1. Hortonworks: Hortonworks one of the oldest certification body offers six certifications – take your pick and get ready to crack in the big data industry.
  2. DASCA: DASCA or Data Science Council of America offers two major Big Data Analytics Certifications to the professionals and come with prerequisite criteria to be fulfilled.

Cloudera: Cloudera Certifications offer unique Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Certifications enabling you to enter the industry both at an entry level and at a senior level.

Published by Edward Martin