When most people hear “monster trucks” they immediately think of the televised and stadium events of Monster Jam that involves several highly decorated and painted monster trucks.  But what many people do not realize is that the exciting, gigantic, loud, ear ringing trucks all started with the legend, “BIGFOOT” and owner Bob Chandler.  The iconic blue, full metal, hand airbrushed truck on monster sized 66 inch tires standing at nearly 11 feet high drew in people’s attention from tots to pops.

The people were hooked, and for good reason. DSC_0672ckp

I mean, come on, what real human being does not like an engine revving, car crushing , airplane jumping truck that makes your daddy’s truck look like a Hot Wheels toy?

Toddlers, boys, girls, mothers, fathers, young, old, ALL find a common mouth-dropping, eye-popping, oohs and ahhs effect when they experience any live monster truck performance.

You will not find a boring crowd here, no sir.  Whether it’s fans in utter monster-truck-shock or fans snapping pictures and videos, they will be glued to the entire show.  And if you do happen to take your eyes away, be prepared to hear the crowd gasp and cheer while you’re frantically asking “what happened, what did I miss?”.

Most states have the famous Monster Jam series that come to big venues once or twice a year.  Georgia has two shows in the spring.  But what MOST states, must less a local truck dealership, do not have is their own personal monster truck weekend performance from none other than THE REAL DEAL, both the original and the current performing BIGFOOT, hailing all the way from the state of Missouri.  Courtesy Ford of Conyers, a large car and truck dealership just right outside of Atlanta, hosted a Friday night and Saturday to remember!  On June 17th, the parking lot was full of spectators coming from all over to watch the epic performance.  While the original Bigfoot truck himself sat off in the distance, the current fiberglass Bigfoot started his engine.

Oh what a sound! If you wear hearing aids you better turn those puppies down.

Vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom the truck just sits there, idling, talking, rumbling, and antagonizing the impatient crowd.  Vrrrooooom.  The truck gets louder, the crowd draws closer.  Is he messing with us?  What is the waiting for?

He’s giving you time to make sure you have your extra underwear handy, your fingers plugging your ears and your attention on high alert.  He’s waiting to give you a show that you’ll never forget.

He’s waiting until you least expect it.

And just when you think he’s going to sit there and idle just a minute longer, he’s already full speed ahead, engine roaring and methanol fuel burning your nose hairs.  Jumping cars, crushing cars, spinning around light poles, squealing to a dead stop.  Car parts flying everywhere, windshields busting into a thousand pieces, those once salvageable cars are ultimately scrap metal now.

Minutes and minutes go by; Bigfoot is still giving the crowd a show of a lifetime.  People grinning, kids clapping, cheers echo louder than the engine, toddlers grasping their dads and pawpaws for dear life- THAT America, THAT is entertainment.  You cannot gain that experience from a gamebox or a smartphone.  Pictures and videos don’t even do it justice.

Courtesy Ford of Conyers knew just how to bring in a crowd to their dealership.  What an awesome weekend.  If the two monster-sized, gigantic Bigfoot trucks was not enough to please you then surely the free grilled burgers and hot dogs were, or even the free Hooters hot wings or the Kicks 101.5 giveaways, or even the free Pelican 35 quart cooler.

But what really set the show off was the fact that Dan “THE MAN” Runte personally came down to Courtesy Ford to drive Bigfoot.  14 National Championships, five world records broken, fastest monster truck at 86.56 mph and has won more races than any other Bigfoot driver in history.


If you go to their website you will only find a few events that Dan has personally appeared at lately.


A huge hats off, applaud and a genuine thank you to both Courtesy Ford of Conyers AND the Bigfoot crew.  Thank you for giving the crowd an awesome show and an experience to remember.  My son, for one, is still replaying Bigfoot videos back-to-back-to-back, crashing toy trucks in the living room and begging to go back.

You can’t buy that in stores, my friend.

Published by Candice Knight