Why do you choose to be with bike in Saigon?

I am tired of seeing motorbike.

Since I had my bike with me, I have riden it to school, to workplace and been with it to many districts to deliver goods. People ask me “Why bike?” and I smile with the answer “I am tired of seeing motorbike”. My friend said I was crazy but he didn’t know I was happy with that craziness. I am happy that I am reducing my contribution to pollution.

Saigon has latlely been filled up with water after heavy rains. I mean sometimes water reaches my waist when I just step outside. It was a horrible night when I just went back here from my hometown and I saw Saigon as a floating market. Cars could not move, motorbikes engine did not work, buses could not load more people. I was on the bus 3 minutes then decided to get off and walk to home. Guess, it was faster.

This situation is going to last for a couple of months. Whatever, I am not here next month, I will move to another city to stay. But life is not dream. This morning I heard Hanoi was more over-polluted than ever. I hate to hear that. Sometimes I just want to hide from the city. Many people keep blaming that for the Government, that Government is irresponsible, that Government is not good enough, that Government does not try. I think it would be reasonable to say it’s everybody’s fault, people living in those cities make those happen.

Someday I saw Saigon as a beautiful city, I really saw that. I do not say I hate it, I just say I do not like it presently. I just do not like to see a “dark” Saigon.

– Why do many people here do things bad to their city though they already know?

 – Maybe they think it is alright.

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