When Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg came to see young IT entrepreneurs in Lagos, and left afterwards, this APC government at the centre, hurriedly returned him to see President Muhammadu Buhari, made him wear a suit (against what he would normally wear) to say nice things about their make belief directionless government, after organizing a sham of a show in the name of an ICT program, where phantom gifts and opportunities were presented to winners of a fake competition that was hurriedly put together to entertain the social media icon, and one of the richest men in the world. This time around, Microsoft's Bill Gates came for Aliko Dangote's daughter's wedding. Again this government, in its bid for validation from no less a personality as the second richest man in the world (after Jeff Bezos) stole him, and made him attend and speak at their economic summit, only for the man to pick holes in the administration's economic template, which he described as not having "the ability to address the unique needs of Nigerians", amongst other expositions. The so called Economic Recovery & Growth Plan, ERGP that Nigerians have yet to feel it's positive impact, and may never do because of it's opacity, in being more like a dark cave, rather than the tunnel with 💡 at its end, further exposed a part of the cluelessness which this government is gradually becoming legendary for. https://youtu.be/Kdg1mxYUulM All of a sudden, the Bill Gates they lost sleep over in trying to lure to attend their charade of a meeting, hopefully to launder the image of the government; after "shitting" in their sanctum sanctorum quickly became pariah, and the man who recently paid part of Nigeria's debt, and for years on end funded vaccination in Nigeria for children from childhood killer diseases, they now remembered to be a college dropout, without knowledge of the inner workings of economies in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, amongst other unfortunate comments and reactions from those sympathetic to government in the wake of the billionaires speech. Sadly, it is Nigerians who will not be the better for it, as Bill Gates' message harping particularly on the focusing of government to the development of Human Capital, which interestingly was the theme of the summit he was invited to, and to which he spoke eloquently on, will be ignored, simply because President Buhari's ego wasn't massaged in delivering the truth to power. Hopefully, Nigerians would learn from this, and in future, refuse to be swayed by a whitewashing and sugarcoating of incapable individuals, who may be elevated to messianic proportions, just to win votes when they have no history or precedence that support their ability to turn things around for good, It is pertinent that we do not allow again this kind of ineptitude portrayed in all aspects and sectors of Nigerian life, to hold sway in the country's highest office, the likes that have seen Nigeria taken back to decades of underdevelopment and arrested development in just three years since the coming to power of this government. 'kovich PHOTO CREDIT: - https://www.lindaikejisblog.com BILL GATES FAULTS NIGERIA'S ECONOMIC TEMPLATE ¦ http://madukovich.blogspot.com.ng/2018/03/bill-gates-faults-nigerias-economic.html?m=1&zx=386b3f4f981db008

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